The Beginning

"Hello World". The idea for Rural Women Rock began on a road trip to Hutchison Kansas with my mom Some of you know her- a fireball of a woman, set on saving our rural Oklahoma farm and ranch. She proposed I go with her to a conference to get out from under the day to day at my rural Oklahoma flower shop. Reluctantly, I went. During the course of the day, the phrase Rural Women Rock was mentioned various times, and I was intrigued. Because we do rock, I came home and googled the term, no match. I twittered it, no match. I face booked it, no match. Could it be that there was not a site for Rural Women Rock? In one days time, I purchased the domain www.ruralwomenrock, trademarked the phrase, registered a DBA, made a face book page, and opened a twitter account @ruralwomenrock- oh, and made flower arrangements between. That’s right where I am, and I hope you come along on this journey as it evolves. My vision is to be the platform and voice, to share the stories and lifestyles of rural women around the world. If you are a rural woman and you rock, or if your a city gal who loves your rural sisters, join us in this journey. I have a feeling its not going to be a smooth ride all the way, back roads can get messy. Lets roll down our windows, let our hair down, turn the music up, and let it all hang out. I have a feeling its going to be life changing, and so much fun for us to all be in it together.

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