Getting Featured

Submission Guidelines
Would you like to be “featured” on Rural Women Rock? We are so excited!

What is a “Featured” post?
A “featured” post is when a member gets to share on RWR.


    ~You must be a member of our site. (join on right sidebar) ~be a RWR email subscriber. (free on right sidebar)
    ~like us on facebook.
    ~We would love for you to mention your “feature” on your blog.
  “Feature” me please.
Contact me via email at with links to your blog or website. We  will jury the site, and get back with you on possible dates for submission. Please allow one week. It rarely takes this long, but this will keep you from getting anxious.
~You will be given a “feature” date. Your post should be submitted the evening prior to your “feature” if not before.

~Please be courteous when filling the calendar. If you accept a date, do try to follow through with your commitment. You will be allowed to submit it any time leading up to your “feature”.

~Please spell check your post, and if you unsure if it is properly edited, get someone you know to look it over for you. This site is a labor of love in the part of volunteers, and we don’t have the woman-power to rewrite or do major edits for you.

~All content should be appropriate for my 12 year old daughter to read. No inappropriate language, nudity, reveling photos, or questionable content.

What do I write?


~Tell your story- who are you and what are you doing?
~Teach or demonstrate something.
~Share information, downloads, or valuable content.
~We love photos- they hook your reader and make your content more readable.
~Share your links.
~Promote your blog, website, facebook, event, or product.
~Include URLs of any places or websites you mention.
~Submission should be original and not an exact copy of one that is on your site.
  Search engines don’t like duplicate content.
~Be creative and original.
~Keep it simple sweetie.

What Happens Next?

You will be sent a link via email to temporarily author the blog. You can do this anytime leading up to your “feature” date.


We will also allow you to send your submission via google documents with photos as attachments. Submit to:

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  1. I'll work on one real soon!

  2. Thanks for the Esty message, Kasse! Definitely interested!

  3. Thank you for featuring The Farmstead! It is humbling and inspiring to be in the company of such strong women!