Thursday, May 2, 2013

National Day Of Prayer: My Prayer

Heavenly Father, I come to you today to give you all honor and glory. I come to you with a thankful heart, knowing that everything that is good in this life is a gift from you. We are blessed beyond what I fear we can even imagine. Lord, I pray you give us the realization of the depth of our blessings. Thank you Jesus for my life- for saving me, and for awakening me. I pray for my own strength to walk out your plan for my life. I pray you equip me to do my part while listening to only you each step of the way. I pray a special prayer for women today. I pray you rise up women to bring refreshment and encouragement to our nation- to reclaim this land, and our families as yours. I call on your name for the awakening of your sleeping daughters, our sisters who are lost, or sleep walking. I pray our eyes are opened wide. I pray you help us see ourselves for who we really are, so we can allow you to change the parts of us that are displeasing to you. I pray that we will bow our heads today and humbly go before you in surrender, asking forgiveness for the role we have played in the fall of our society. I pray we lift up our husbands and children to you in prayer to restore any part of them we ourselves have broken. Forgive us Lord in our doing. Forgive us of our pride and arrogance, for our selfishness and neglect. Forgive us for our mouths that betray. Restore our speech that we will only bring refreshment to those around us. I pray we will not be silent when truth needs to be told. Give us peace- quiet our restless hearts. Stop our striving spirits. Allow us to see materialism and greed for the ugly demons they truly are. Reveal our true motives and agendas. Break our hearts for what breaks yours. Allow us to see others as You see them. Give us your heart for those around us. Restore kindness and patience. I pray we quiet ourselves and listen to what it is you are calling us to do. Take our pride and fear of man. I will lay them at your feet. I pray you replace them with a boldness that can only come from you. Mold us, Lord, into warriors for your purpose. I pray you give us Godly wisdom and discernment to build our families in your name. Give us the strength to guide our children in a wicked world. Guard our hearts from Satan’s schemes and plans. Pour your spirit on all those who are willing to walk in your purpose. Help us to be your hands and feet on this earth. Give us the strength to stand. Cover our families in your grace and mercy. Lord Come Quickly. Amen!

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  1. My favorite prayer is one of Billy Graham's; posted on my blog.