Friday, February 8, 2013

Donna Clem

Ladies, I'm excited to get back in the swing of things.  I realize we have went from a feature everyday of the work week, down to two, and then we fell off into some sort of intermittent schedule.  In psychology that's suppose to work, but in blog land not so much.  My goal going into this year is going to be a feature once a week.   If I have time, and if we have plenty of submissions,  we'll put up more than one a week.  I also plan to share some randomness along the way.  Make sure to sign up in the sidebar to receive the posts by email.  This way you won't miss one random thing:)

Today we are featuring Donna Clem.  I don't know Donna personally, but she is a friend of a dear friend.  I really would like to have a personal interview with Donna as she seems fascinating.  For now, I hope this brings some inspiration to your day. 

Donna Clem was born and raised in a small Oklahoma town. Her family life has always been God centered. She believes from the beginning God designed her to write books, and throughout her life, He has equipped her for the task. She believes God is an awesome God and she believes He moves inspirationally in the spirit.  Donna is a daughter, sister, wife , mother, grandmother, student, teacher, leader, and friend.

Donna Clem has touched minds, hearts, and souls in her daily life by sharing her message of faith, hope, and love for God and country. In the Spirit of God's Power  Donna reveals her inspirational belief in Jesus Christ, her intuitiveness and prophecies from childhood, and the wondrous miracles witnessed through out all her life seasons.  She urges unity of America with individual kindness, respect, and responsibility, with emphasis on God, values, and wise choices. Her inspiring story is one of the deep faith of a unique and special but ordinary woman who has lived an extraordinary life. Her book is a message to treasure for all people for all times.  It is one to read and reread for hope, encouragement, and purpose in life; and her words revive and supercharge the reader with God's power, presence, and guidance for daily living.
      Donna’s book Meditate by Day and by Night contains 366 daily devotionals of inspirational thoughts, one for every day of the year. Each daily devotional contains three parts: a meditation, a scripture, and a prayer. She hopes the book will be a blessed way to begin or end each new day by meditating for a few special moments. She believes the book will strengthen the reader with the joy and peace of the Lord Jesus Christ. She prays the book will bless each day with the Word of God, and take people to holy places in prayer, meditation, praise, thanks, and love. She trusts the book will lead people to serve God, help them to develop daily reading of God's Holy Word, and receive God's favor and bountiful blessings.
    If you should want to have the personal pleasure of meeting Donna.You can find her behind the Jewelry counter at the Shantel Jewelry Store in Clinton, OK.  She and her husband Oran have owned and operated this store since 1971.  Specializing In Fine Diamonds    

1-888-742-6835 for more information.
Donna Clem

Information and Book Available at: Place of Grace in Clinton, OK
Barnes & Noble
Oprah’s Book Club
Or order on line at:

Story submitted by: Rita Bloomer

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