Saturday, December 22, 2012

Meet Beth of Vine and Branches in Fairview Oklahoma

While there are at least a couple of shopping days left, I'd like to introduce you to Beth of Vine and Branches in Fairview, Oklahoma.  I did an extensive interview with Beth one evening a couple of weeks ago. It was one of those promptings from the Lord, and as always, the Lord blesses when we obey.  What a Spirit filled woman.  As we set in the back room of her quait shop, Beth began the story of her life, her testimony, and how the Lord had forever changed her.  I can't tell you how much I wish I would have just recored her.  I would find myself so captivated by her story, I would forget to even type what she was saying.  I want to share just a sampling of the questions, along with a few photos of her store and save a future day for her testimony.  I need to work with her again on all the specifics and make sure that she approves the manner in which I tell it.  That is to come.  For now,  it's my hope, if you are local,  you pay her a visit for any last minute shopping. 

Who are you?

Beth:  "I am a humble child of the King.  I don't gain value from material
things anymore.  It's not about pleasing people anymore.  It's about
what God wants me to do.  I'm simple and I feel dressing simply has opened
doors to minister that are uniquely for me.  You know we all have ministries that
are uniquely created for who we are and who we touch. 
The only thing I want out of the whole deal is for others to be ministered to.
My rewards are already in heaven."

What's it all about for you?

Beth:  "It's about HIM.  Above all, living is about Jesus.  If HE can take
some one like me, and change their life and cause them to live again,
it's all worth it.   I use to call myself  "Dead Woman Walking".
Living now is different than what living use to be before I knew
Jesus. I want to share that.  I have days in the store where I've had four
different ministries. Then days like I feel like I haven't had a a single direct ministry.
Everyday is different- everyday is new.

What do you love to do?

Beth: "Obviously, I love being creative.  I love to paint, but I haven't'
been able to do a lot of that lately.  It's all a learning process.  He'll
bring me into it again .  I love anything creative.  The girls here talk about how
being creative is therapy.  I find joy using the creative part of my life to minister."

" I don't like poetry, but I write poetry.  I've always loved to sing for the Lord, which is a
mircale in itself.  I had lost 85% of my hearing in both ears and was wearing hearing aids.  I was actually diagnosised as being tone def when the Lord restored this gift in me.  Now, my husband and I sing at Cowboy Church. "  

How do you find balance?

Beth: "Jesus.  Balance is keeping my eyes focused on Jesus and not the storms in life."

 Favorite part of your life/day?
Beth:  "Sitting in the throne room with the Lord in the morning.  My
prayer closet - prayer time.

Where do you get inspiration? 

 Beth: "God's creation is my inspiration. I like to find ways to look deeper
than the surface.  In everything there is a message or a story just
waiting to be heard."

What is your priority?

Beth: "You know, when I think of priority, I think of time and really my time
isn't mine. I just want to be open to God using me in every moment in
what ever way He chooses.  He's first, and you know how that breaks

Where from here?

Beth:  "Maybe write a book.  I will when and if the Lord puts it on my heart.  The title? Dead Woman Walking.

I no longer have the financial wealth I had as a child, but now I have
the spiritual wealth. I'm no longer Dead Woman Walking.  I'm living
I'm alive- really alive"!

Ladies, I really can't wait to share Beth's testimony.  She is one very special woman. 


Kasse D.


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