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Meet Sharon of Simply Canning...

Ladies, Sharon has a wonderful site filled to the rim with amazing canning recipes and tips.  If you've been inspired to learn something new, go take a peek.  A new skill or two never hurt a soul.  Plus, there has been something of a canning revival going on across the nation- don't miss out!  Perhaps you may want to begin with something a little more simple, but for the brave at heart, lets take this challenge.  Fear not...~Kasse D.

I’m afraid of my Pressure Canner!    

I’ve heard that statement on more than one occasion.   Here are some reasons given.... and my responses that will reassure you.  Don't be afraid, be wise.  

I’d rather boil for hours like my grandmother did than use that pressure canner.  I’m afraid of it    

My response is…. I’m more afraid of BOTULISM!   The conditions where the risk of botulism exists are: 

  • absence of oxygen, 
  • low acidity levels
  • temperatures between 40 and 120 degrees Fahrenheit (4.5 to 49 degrees Celsius) 

Sounds just like the conditions in canned foods! Both home canned or commercially canned.  Heat is what stops botulism.  A pressure canner is the only way to reach the required heat.  Boiling for hours and hours will not do the job.  

Use that pressure canner and you no longer need to fear poisoning your children.  

It is big and has gauges and blows steam! 

It is the gauges and dials and vents that make that canner a safe way to preserve your foods! 
Let me explain.  Knowledge defeats fear you know.  Here is a picture of the top of one of my pressure canners…. (I have several, none have ever exploded)

It is a dial gauge canner, thus the dial on top.  A weighted gauge canner will look just a bit different, but they have the same safety features. 

Over Pressure Plug.  This rubber plug is the safety net. If the pressure inside ever gets too high because of plugged vents this plug will open and release pressure.
The vent lock allows air to vent or exhaust at the beginning of your processing time. As pressure begins to build the lock comes up and seals the opening.  
Vent Pipe - Weights sit on the vent pipe.  This is the pipe that you should check before each use.  Take a peek and make sure it is clear. You can visually check and/or run a string through the openings to clear out any obstructions.

Finally there is the weight – This image shows the dial and the weight on the vent pipe.  Weights come in different shapes and sizes... so don't be surprised if yours looks different.  These important little pieces makes sure your canner reaches the proper pressure for your altitude.  Oh yes, you will need to know your elevation so you know what pressure to use.    
What about this old canner?
Now I don’t consider myself a “modern gal”  I’m pretty old fashioned in many ways.   Here however is one pressure canner that I’m afraid of!   

This oldie was delivered to my home by my in laws.  They picked it up at an auction.  I’m not familiar enough with it to even attempt to use it!   If you have a pressure canner… It will most likely look more like one of these.
  Get familiar with it.  Read the manual that comes with it.   Most will have step by step guides.   

If you are a visual person…. Visit my site.  I’ve  taken pictures as I’ve been canning for the past several years and placed it all on the web.   

My intent was to build a resource for beginning canners.  I’ve gotten feedback from experienced canners too who have gleaned new ideas and tips.  

I'd also invite you to take a look at my book Simple Steps Canning Guide.

If you are a beginning canner and are not sure where to start, Simple Steps is for you.  Afraid of your canner?   Remember, knowledge will cure your fear and allow you to jump in and join in the fun.  
Overwhelmed at all the canning information out there? Sometimes you don't even know what questions to ask!    

Simple Steps pulls all of the most important canning information from Simply Canning and combines it in a single place. It gives you a logical step by step guide to all the essentials.  

One more place you can usually find me is at facebook.   Try 

Let me know Rural Women sent you!  :0)  

Thanks Sharon!! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I am one of those people who are letting fear stop them from starting. We grew our first garden this year and I am terrified of canning. So far I've just been freezing and giving the extras away. I am definitely going to look into your book.