Thursday, August 16, 2012

Subject Yourself To Intense Study...

More times than not, I wish my head was screwed on a little tighter.  I bought this on vacation for $20.00 from a sweet little Norwegian woman in Florence Colorado.  She had many pieces that she had painted, and for $20.00, I think a little under priced.  I was literally on vacation, or I would have thought to interview her for the site.  It came with a little card.  I will share:

Rosemaling is a traditional Norwegian folk art.  It has evolved from the intricate wood carvings of the early vikings.  In early 1700's, professional painter began to develop their own styles using baroque, rococo, and other elements of design popular in Europe at the time.   Gradually each valley and district in Norway became known for its own distinctive style with elements from each linking the provinces together.
Earth-tone colors are always used and only wooden objects are decorated.  Peg Piltingsrud has rosemaled this item for your enjoyment. 719-784-2303  Thank you Peg.  I will enjoy!

Have a wonderful school year where ever you are and don't forget:

Subject Yourself To Intense Study...

And have some fun...

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