Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This Uncharted Rhoade and The Faces of Agriculture

When I received our featured post this evening, I was so relieved to read that other women are speaking out on behalf of animal agriculture, addressing many of the same concerns my own family and friends have about the future of animal agriculture. (I wasn't aware Jamie was one of the voices behind Faces of Agriculture- you'll meet her soon) My mom has been on the forefront of this issue for years.  Her pleas falling on deaf ears until recently.  It is sad that we are waking up so late in the game, but better late than never.  I believe we still have a chance as voices are beginning to unite and expose.  I’ve tried to skirt controversy on RWR, well not really-  I'm a meat eating Jesus follower. This makes me pretty controversial these days.  God and Agriculture are two things on which this country has stood since it's birth. I believe there are things worth fighting for so I don't mind getting my hands a little dirty on this one.  Here it goes. Women while our families have been hard at work (or distracted by having to much), a thief has entered our pantry jeopardizing the future of our food sources, choices, and prices. As keepers of the pantry, we need to educate ourselves. I know it takes precious time, but nothing could be more important than feeding our families. I want to encourage you to set aside a good hour dedicated to researching who wants control of your cabinets. Dig deep. I encourage you to pay a visit to our next feature and her sites and follow along. I’m also going to give you a couple of additional starting places. If you have a pantry, this concerns you. Together our voices are louder.  Thanks Jamie for doing your part.  We are excited to have you!

Some Great Starting Places:

Animal Ag Armed

The Cavalry Group

Animal Ag Alliance

And now our feature for today, also speaking on behalf of animal agriculture, let's get to know Jamie Rhoade and the industry she represents.  Have a great day!!  ~ Kasse D.

I’m Jamie, and I blog over at This Uncharted Rhoade, where I tend to ramble on about life and try to share the story of modern day animal production. I didn’t grow up on a farm per say, but defiantly in a rural setting. I was active in both 4-H and FFA, and showed beef cows in the county fair (and my grandfather before me raised show cattle also). I come from a family of farmers – both of my grandfathers raised crops and livestock. My mom showed sheep when she was younger and the first beef cows I ever owned came from my grandpa’s farm.

I’ve lived in the Midwest all my life – in a flyover state – and went to college at a nearby University with a great ag school. I started off majoring in Agricultural Journalism but switched half way through to Animals Sciences. While I love to write, I loved being around and working with animals also, and I discovered that I just wasn’t cut out for the liberal Journalism school where most of my Ag J classes were. So I made the switch and didn’t look back.

Currently, I work at that same University in the animal sciences department. I work under a federal grant where we study the effects of heat stress on pregnant gilts (pigs who are pregnant for the first time). I collect a lot of data and scoop a lot of feed (and poop!), but every six months I work 16 hour days for a couple of weeks and I’m rewarded with anywhere from 200-300 baby piglets.

When I’m not working I’m usually hanging out with my husband and our 5-month-old husky puppy. My husband works on the farm with his dad, where they manage a couple of nursery hog barns with about 3000 pig, some row crops, hay pastures, and around 200 beef cows. We have about 20 beef cow/calf pairs of our own, and are working to increase that over time. We hope to be able to buy some land eventually to run cows on also.

I started my blog with the intention of being able to share with others the story of agriculture and help people understand why farmers use conventional farming methods such as gestation crates, giving hormones and antibiotics, etc. I get so frustrated when I see people take organizations like HSUS and PETA at face value (when their main goal is to abolish animal agriculture), yet don’t try to get to know farmers or don’t believe that we care about our animals. It’s hard for me to write a post and share what I love and then find comments accusing me and other farmers of being less than respectful of our animals. But I know in my heart I’m doing the right thing, and try each day just to share my story and make a difference.

A couple months ago I met another blogger who felt the same way, we together we started the blog Faces of Agriculture. On there, we try to share the story of farmers, ranchers, and other involved in agriculture (if you’re reading this and want to share your story on there, please contact me!). It is our goal to show everyone that farmers – whether they manage a 5000 head hog operation or have chickens and goats in their back yard – are all people who care very much about their animals are trying to do the right thing.

It’s so encouraging to me to find sites such as Rural Women Rock, where those involved in agriculture can share their stories and meet others like themselves. I come from a long line of rural women – women who cooked and cleaned and kept house – but could also drive a tractor, birth a lamb, and work cattle with the best of them. I have so much love for these women – my grandmothers, mom, mother-in-law, aunts – and hope that someday I can be half the person they are. 

While I border a little too far on the rough around the edges side to be considered a good housewife, I’ve come to discover that cooking for my husband isn’t all that bad – as long as they don’t leave me out when there’s a calf that needs to be pulled or calves that need to be worked :)

Thanks again Kasse for having me! You can find my personal blog here, and I’m also on Facebook and Twitter


  1. Great feature Kasse!!! Jamie is a great blogger who is honest and sincere when writing about animal agriculture! She does a great job!

  2. Thanks again for having me Kasse! It was an honor to be included on your blog!

  3. It seems to be informative post. I think that she is animal lover. Isn't it? Thanks for sharing this information.