Thursday, July 19, 2012

Farm Blog Zealot

Ladies meet Judi. I know her from reading FARMnWIFE, but it looks like she is one busy woman.  Judi has some great information for beginning bloggers if you are standing on the edge. For what ever reason you choose, blogging can be so much fun. It really does make the world a bigger place. We can learn so much from connecting and sharing with women from around the world. I am just amazed with what women are doing through blogging.  It really is a whole other world. Sometimes living rural can make us small and narrow if we let it. I love to see women talking about more than the woman next door. We’ve got places to go, people to meet, and things to learn. Let’s live our life on purpose and choose our beginnings and endings. The world awaits!  Have a great week ladies. You inspire me! ~ Kasse D.

To put it simply, I'm a Blog Zealot. More specifically a Farm Blog Zealot. Which is strange because I really don't like to write. What I do love is to tell others what is happening around the farm and photograph it all. I also think it is vitally important to keep a record of the events that shape our lives for future generations.

It started back in 2007, when I decided everyone should see how cute my kids were showing cattle. Thus the Kids' Cattle blog was born. In '09, I began another blog dedicated to my new combine, Big Green Combine. I have just recently joined that blog with our farm website, Graff Land And Last year I set my husband up with his blog and podcast, Farm And Ranch

Knowing how hard it is for beginners to find helpful information about starting a blog, I created  I wanted to high light how those in the ag industry are getting their story out and to inspire others to do the same through blogging. So on that site there are two sections. Featured Farmer shows how beginning farm bloggers are telling their story. The rest of the site gives advice and techniques on improving their own blogs.

You never know where blogging will take you. I have given presentations to ag business classes in universities. This summer I will be speaking to participants at the Ag Chat Foundation Conference. Currently I am a contributing author at which is based in Canada. It's even more fun to help bloggers in person.

My best advice to any blogger is:
   1. Make your blog clean, simple, uncluttered
   2. Tell Stories; It's how people connect.
   3. Provide a contact page
   4. Include pictures & video
For those who have trouble finding time to blog, my post 11 Ways to Speed Blog, has created the most personal "thank you's".

You can find me on twitter @farmnwife ; facebook FARMnWife & Pinterest farmnwife

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