Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Lord has Plans for You......................

I know it has been too long. April/May are busy flower shop months. Don’t say I didn’t warn you ladies about this from the beginning. Remember My Disclaimer???

We did a funeral, wedding, and prom in one week.  I finished graduation flowers and some funeral flowers Friday. Banquet flowers, Mothers Day, and Memorial Day are all still looming. Plus my own families activities- when I can get there.  The best part of moving my store home?  Most of this I was able to do at home.  I know I must seem like the phantom flower shop owner. There is no real evidence. I’m always about thirty minutes behind on remembering to capture life for RWR (photos). I will promise some wedding photos as someone other than me remembered to take them. Things should taper off in a couple of weeks. Until then, don’t hold your breath for me. I want to show my garden and some other fun stuff when I can make the time. Until then, I’d love for you ladies to share photos of your Spring on our FB page. Don’t be shy.

I have been thinking about this off and on for most of the week, so I wanted to share this with you ladies.

I was reading my Bible this week- no study, just working my way through some of the Old Testament. I have read this before, but I came across something I had not read before- make sense? It concerns us as women. I think you’ll like this. It both made me smile and think.

Okay let me lay some back drop. The Lord has just lead the children of Israel out of Egypt. If you want to get the full story, read from the beginning of Exodus. It won’t take long and it is really good. It’s the book of the Bible that tells the account of Moses leading the Israelites out of bondage from Egypt.

The Israelites and Egyptians had a front row seat to the magnificent power of our creator. They had seen the Lord deliver on promises: plagues, famines, and many other signs and wonders. They had been guided by the Lord in a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night. The grand finale takes place right before this: The Lord had just parted and dried the Red Sea for easy passage out of Egypt. The Israelites had just watched their captors swallowed as the water recessed just shortly after they were safe and sound. This account takes place as they realized their freedom. They have been delivered. They are safe.

Exodus 15:20

Miriam the prophetess Aaron’s sister, took a tambourine in her hand and all the women followed her, with tambourines and dancing.

I was raised in a church were musical instruments, women, and certainly dancing had no place, so reading this for the first time really struck me. It has been in my mind almost the entire week.

The side note in my Bible says: What was Miriam’s role? As a prophetess, Miriam led the people in worship after the victory over the Egyptians. She also had authority because God spoke through her. Num. 12:1-6. God used both Miriam and Aaron as prophets, speaking to them in dreams and visions. Micah also reports that Miriam was sent by God to lead Israel Micah 6:4.

My first thought when reading this was the amazing picture in my mind of this woman and her sisters praising the Lord. Wish I was there. Then I happened upon my second thought: “Wait a minute, this goes against everything I’ve been taught”. So most certainly I read the passages in the side bar.

Note before you read on that things are going very well at the time of this passage in Exodus 15:20. When you come to this next little morsel of info, things aren’t going so well. You won’t regret reading Numbers 11 before reading on to Miriam’s next debut.

Numbers 12:1-6

Okay. Now this one is a bit longer so you’ll have to go look it up. Miriam went almost immediately from leading praise and worship to badmouthing Moses. Not necessarily a full blown slander, but raising question of character. I’ll just give you a little bit of the verse to wet your appetite.


Numbers 12:1

Miriam and Aaron began to talk against Moses because of his Cushite wife, for he had married a Cushite.


My sidebar here reads: Why did Miriam and Aaron suddenly become opposed to Moses’ Cushite wife?

Miriam and Aaron became envious of Moses’ special position as God’s spokesperson (v.2) They camouflaged the core issue- their Jealousy of Moses by focusing the attention on his Cushite wife.

I think you will also see by reading chapter 11 that things weren’t going so well. We don’t always like God's plan or punishment.

Now after this second passage we can see that as women we can really get things going with praise and worship, but on the other hand, we also have the ability to get things going in another less favorable direction.

Read on……………………………….....The Lord overhears…………His anger burned against them. Miriam is punished- not Aaron. Why? My sidebar notes that most likely because Miriam instigated the whole affair, so she received the brunt of the punishment.

I see so much happening here. I think in this scripture we can realize our power to boost morale. We make wonderful praise and worship leaders, party throwers, and band wagon starters. We are wonderful at spreading the word, excitement, and cheer. Our spirits can be almost contagious. In all we do, we are either using our ability to delight or anger the Lord- EVERY time we open our mouths.

Another thing that surfaces again is our ability to influence. Miriam didn’t praise the Lord alone and she didn’t slander Moses alone either. It doesn’t matter who we are, if we are a breathing being, we are leading a group of women somewhere. You might not even know who is following your tambourine. This is a very real reminder that we have the ability to play the Lord's music or our own. Our procession line is either to heaven or to hell.

I also find the Lord's faithfulness to Moses comforting. Moses didn’t have to defend himself against the slander. The Lord did the defending.

The last passage Miriam appears is Micah 6:4. I think this shows the Lord's Mercy and our Hope in Him.  Miriam had to suffer the consequences of her actions. I‘m not going to tell you what it was- you have to go read for yourself. The good news was that it was temporary.

Micah 6:4

I brought you out of Egypt and redeemed you from the land of slavery. I sent Moses to lead you and also Aaron and Miriam.

The Lord did not forget Miriam. She was mentioned again in this final verse many books of the Bible later, not as a slanderer, but as a leader. We may have to suffer consequences for our actions, but the Lord forgives.  He knows for what we were truly designed.  He makes up for our short comings.   I know this might sound so over used, but God is so Good.  Get to know Him.  He has plans for you.

That's something to think about.


Have a wonderful week ladies.


  1. Very powerful stuff, and the lesson of Miriam should hit home for all of us. Thank you for sharing this valuable insight.

    First Impressions

    1. Thanks Dee for following along. Every time I read the bible something hits home. It's the ultimate guide book for life. Hope you have a great week.

  2. Great post! A great reminder that we women have strong influence over people, both positively and negatively. I have had a busy spring too. We'll seeyou when things slow down.

    1. Thanks Heather for always following along. I love to see your smiling face. I enjoy your Sunday posts as well- even if I may read them on Mondays. We should meet in Alva sometime this summer.

      Till later,
      Kasse D.

  3. Love this post Kasse! Great reminder!!!

    1. Thanks Candy! I don't know about you, but I need a reminder daily.

      Kasse D.

  4. How I needed this today. It has been a long month on the ranch and I'm in a pity-party kinda mood......

    1. No pity-party. You have to read this Sundays post. I didn't write it so its fantastic. It's about baring out the pity-parties.

      Thanks for being here!

      Kasse D.