Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

Ladies, I was typing this to email to a friend tonight and thought I might share it with the rest of my friends. It comes from a little Devotional book called: God Calling. This was May 12th. I also wanted to add something I read on one of our members blog. Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful rural women!! I’d love to know how you spent “your” day. We delivered the last of our Mothers Day flowers, went to church, ate with family, puttered, and went fishing. Perfect for me! What did you do?

This is worth sharing: From God Calling.

Turn out all thoughts of doubt and of trouble. Never tolerate them
for one second. Bar the windows and doors of your souls against them as you would bar your home against a thief who would steal in to take your treasures.
What greater treasures can you have than Peace and Rest and Joy? And these are all stolen from you by doubt and fear and despair.
Face each day with Love and Laughter. Face the Storm. Joy, Peace,
Love, My great gifts. Follow Me to find all three. I want you to
feel the thrill of protection and safety now. Any soul can feel this
in a harbor, but real joy and victory come to those alone who sense
these when they ride a storm. Say, " All is well." Say it not as a vain repetition. Use it as you use a healing balm for cut or wound, until the poison is drawn out; then, until the sore is healed; then, until All is well.

I stole this next wonderful reminder from Little House on the Horizon.   Katey says she has the following in her closet to read each morning. I think we should all put it there. It is one of the best things I’ve read in sometime to help us with our priorities as Mothers.
My first jobs are to be a wife and a mother.

Period, end of story, those come before all others. The next line says:

My faith and family come first.

With just those things I have a complete life!!!


  1. Wonderful reminder, all is well, all the time :)

    For Mother's Day I chose to go see Avengers with my kids and hubby. It wasn't a girly day but it was perfect nonetheless :)

    1. Perfect sure does change when you become a Mother. I know I'm late, but Happy Mothers Day Heather!