Saturday, April 14, 2012


I have had this clipped to my frig for awhile now.  Over time it was buried benith other things on the bottom of a magnetic clip.  I was tossing notes today and came upon it once again.  I needed it- how quickly we forget. I thought it was worthy of sharing too.  I didn't write this.  I cut it from a publication I brought home from church one Sunday.  It doesn't have the original author or I'd share.

Stewarding God's time in my life involves these questions:

Am I giving sacrificially of my time and talents to the church and to others?

How many of my free hours are spent each week doing things that serve or entertain myself?

Am I using all my talents in ways that are God-pleasing?

Do I believe that God will bless me with adequate time to do everything expected if I give generously of my time and talents to others?

Thank you ladies for following along!

Have a wonderful lazy Sunday.

Family Reunion for the Duffy's.


  1. Those are great questions, something to think about. Enjoy your family reunion!