Monday, April 2, 2012

The Rustic Chick

We rural women are kindred spirits indeed. Across the ages and landscapes, we have a common ground- literally. You ladies are going to fall in love with the next young woman. I love what she says about being comforted by the piece of land she calls home, about family prayers and faith. So much of what she has written hits home with me.   Take the time. You will be refreshed. Thank you Hannah!  PS I would never leave my place if I didn't have to either.  I love Home. ~Kasse D.

Welcome Hannah blogging From
The Rustic Chick

I ran across a blog for Rural Women Rock and I love everything about it...especially the community of women living the rural life coming together to share their stories and their lives. I am honored to be guest posting over there today so go on over and check it out!
My dirt road leads to a little old place called Honey Creek, Iowa. My grandma told me a story of a lady that would get confused and call it Sweet Water instead of Honey Creek. Either way it rolls of the tongue nicely.  My current home is what we call “The Farm.” I grew up around the farm but a few years ago I actually got the chance to live out yonder. I moved during a toughtime in my life when my parents were getting divorced, but I was comforted by a piece of land that was always home awayfrom home. Growing up I think I took for granted that there was this piece of land that drew us together. This piece of land is more than where crops have been grown or animals have grazed…if the dirt could talk it would tell many stories of times gone by. I don't think when my grandparents purchased the land to farm they would ever have imagined the affect the farm has had on all of us down through the years. This land has been about farming and living off the land but mostly about faith in my opinion. It is the same place that has provided for our families, and during times when needed it has become a home. I currently live here, my aunt, uncle and their kids lived here before me. Then to go back awhile my cousin Matt also called it his home. He says: "It meant an opportunity for me to give back to them what they had given to me. It gave me a chance to be "country free" on a farm where I grew up and grew roots." I love that and agree it gave us roots. We all have our reasons for loving the farm! This place that we gather at is "The Farm"...every holiday is spent here and every meal is blessed with prayer while we gather in a big circle holding hands. Like I said it is more about faith. During the rough time of my parents divorce, I would realize this more and wasn't that my grandparents would discuss it with me, but it was the prayers before meals where my grandpa or grandma would pray for members of our family. It was then that I realized this is something that has been happening for years...them praying for our families over breakfast, lunch, and dinner- asking God to provide for us and watch over us. With that faith it has made this piece of land a place that has drawn us together. From my grandparents I have learned many things, but most importantly I have learned about faith in God and my love for rural life that just grows daily.

I know this will be hard for you folks to believe, but I am kind of a shy gal in real life. I was mowing over the weekend and realized that if I never had to leave this piece of land I wouldn't (except of course I have to come into the big city for work everyday) but it suits me out there away from everything. I am the kind of person that would get lost in the hustle and bustle. So small town life is definitely my cup of cowgirl coffee! The farm lets me see sunrises just like the one above! It feeds a part of my soul...that only God can do with a painted sunrise! Faith that God provides us another day...another new beginning.
I am also learning things about the hard work and what it really takes to be someone that lives rural life full time. It isn't just about an idea of "being country" but actually the hours spent to be a part of something bigger. I have learned things like how to make apple butter from the apples off of the fruit trees. How the stuff that is grown is canned, frozen, or used to last throughout the we can have things like jellies and sweet corn year round. It isn't about the convenience of running to the store to pick up something. And this year I have been put in charge of the grandparents are getting older and this year more than past years I realize they just can't do as much. There are already plans to help plant flowers and the garden. I enjoy everything about it! The farm gives a person responsibility and teaches you things to sustain you not only from the trees/seeds that bear fruit but from the faith in God that also bears fruit. With the way society is, I long for the old days, and it makes me appreciate the simpler life that I hope to lead someday. I am content out here and feel more myself than any place in this world.
The farm is always buzzing with humming birds or deer passing through. It is always a learning experience...which I love. When my grandparents tell me stories I am like a sponge soaking in every word. Whether it has to do about their faith in God or the farm life. She just told me last week that when they first moved out there she went in to buy some chickens...the guy told her well you will pry want about a 100. So she ordered a 100...she looked at me when telling me the story and said,"Do you know how many chickens that really is???" My grandma wasn't afraid to try things and get in there to work alongside my grandpa. I want to be that kind of woman because rural life really is about teamwork and trying your hand at new things. I have learned a lot from my grandma about the kind of woman I want to be...and that is pretty much just like her! I am not claiming to know everything about rural life...I am a work in progress. But I love it and wouldn't have traded the past couple years for anything. God knew exactly what he was doing when I made the move to the farm. He knew my grandparents would need the help and He also fulfilled something in me...gave me a place to learn and fall in love with His beauties and wonders. He placed me in a place where I wouldn't get lost in the hustle and bustle. Somewhere with a slower pace and a place to fit. My cousin Matt says: "It has always been and continues to be a dream of his to live on the farm again someday, if he can ever make it back to Iowa" Rural life is sometimes just in people's veins. God has blessed this piece of land and the people that have been around it. Thank you for letting me share a little of my story and I hope to learn from you other women here at Rural Women Rock who are more experienced at life out yonder.
Happy Trails...Hannah.


  1. Hannah I just love this! Your story brought tears to my eyes, just beautiful! The honesty and willingness to share will be used by the Lord, no doubt!

    There is just something deep and healing about living on a farm, so close to God's creation. We can get so caught up in unimportant things of this world, but it seems farming and ranching brings us back to basic necessities and the things that are really important.

    So grateful to know you gal! Thank you for sharing your heart with us (:

    1. Oh yeah...I LOVE the pictures!!!!

  2. I just found this blog through Candy and Hannah, I love it!!!
    And I loved your story, Hannah!