Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fresh Eggs Daily-

I’m excited to introduce this next RWR woman. I love her story, and I know you will too! I’d also like to know how many of you rural women have chickens or have had chickens sometime in your life.  I know Janie has GOT EGGS. I get mine from her now. I do want my own. If you are a chicken lover and own or expect to own your own Ladies soon,  Fresh Eggs Daily has some wonderful recipes and remedies on her blog too. Go pay her a visit! Blogging from:

                                        Fresh Eggs Daily

From New York FASHIONista to Virginia FARMinista...

I used to work on Wall Street and shop on Madison Avenue at lunchtime. I wore Ann Taylor suits and went to designer sample sales. I got manicures every Friday and had a discount card for the Clinique company store. I ate at 5-star restaurants and attended benefits and movie premieres in my LBD (little black dress for you non-New Yorkers !) I had box seats to Carnegie Hall and stood in line at TKTS for shows on Broadway. I watched Sex & the City and drank Cosmopolitans at happy hour.

Was it fun ? Sure. Was it exciting ? Most definitely. Was it fulfilling or satisfying ? Not particularly.

Now I live on a beautiful 6-acre farm in southeastern Virginia with my husband, our horse, our German Shepherd puppy, our cat and our chickens and ducks.

We have apple, plum and pear trees, flower gardens and grow our own vegetables and herbs.
We take time to stop and smell the roses.

I read more books and have started knitting again.

I have time to bake all kinds of wonderful things using our fresh eggs.

We have several bird feeders and I built some bluebird houses last spring. This year we planted raspberry and blackberry bushes.

When we decided to start raising chickens, I built our coop myself so I could customize it exactly how I wanted it. My only regret is that I didn't make it a bit bigger. Our original six chickens and two ducks have somehow grown to 37 chickens and 5 ducks !

I also built a lean-to in the run to store hay, feed and other things out of the rain. It provides nice shade and wind shelter.

And also built the ducks their own matching house using an old wooden dog house.

The original run has been expanded to encompass a whopping 1,600 square feet - plenty of room for expansion of our flock !

I just hatched my very first batch of chicks this spring...something I definitely want to try again.

We had a perfect nine for nine hatch rate ! Beginner's luck or a 'chicken thumb' ? I'm not quite sure.

Okay, I'm sure the Green Acres theme song is running through your head right about now, but hang on a grandparents had a chicken farm and raised chickens for the meat and eggs to support their family. We also had chickens for awhile when I was growing up in rural Massachusetts, as well as the occasional cat, rabbit or goat, and we had a vegetable garden, apple trees and raspberry bushes.

So all I've really done is go back to my roots. Hobby farming is in my blood. I enjoy the satisfaction of growing and raising things and the feeling of being more self-sufficient. LBD is still hanging in the back of my closet - and I've been known to drink a Cosmopolitan every now and then !

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it and I hope in some way, big or small, it inspires you to live the rural country life as well.


Raise chickens, grow vegetables, knit a sweater, ride a horse, make jam, dry herbs, milk a cow, hang laundry outside, sew an apron, catch tadpoles, sheer sheep...dedicated to inspiring others to live the simple, wonderful, natural hobby farm life everyday.

Forget Manhattan, give me the countryside !

-Lisa/Fresh Eggs Daily Farm Girl

(proud to be a 5th generation chicken farmer)


  1. I used to have chickens growing up but live in town and can't raise them now. Luckily I have a friend who has so many fresh eggs she can't hardly give them away! (She gave me 5 dozen just to decorate for Easter :) I can't wait to check out your blog for some new recipes! Wonderful story!!

  2. Small World!! Seriously, how are we stalking the same women, over & over?? LOL I have been watching FED grow on Facebook for a while, so fun to see her featured here. xoxo

    We have our own chickens too and are keeping an egg count on my blog's front page, I think we're rapidly approaching 400 for this year.

    Cheers to getting back to your roots and doing the hobby farm thing, Lisa!! Love watching your adventures. We love our green acres too. LOL

  3. Great post! Love hearing and seeing pictures of all your chickens!!!

  4. Aw!!!! I love this!!! We have a chicken operation and I honestly love working in the chicken houses.

    I really can't wait to check out your blog!

    What a change of pace in your lifestyle, but I know how rewarding farming can be (: to hold on to that to break it out every now and then (I usually have to throw my boots on with mine though :D)

    Thank you for sharing! Very neat story!

  5. Love this story and all the pictures are just wonderful.