Thursday, April 19, 2012

Another fantastic feature.  This  is almost story like-  a young country couple settle in a city apartment and dream of the land they will someday manage.  I love it. I just had to chuckle when I read about her guilt over scraps.  I have many guilt's over similar things.  The women who came before us are a tough act to follow when it comes to resourcefulness and thrift.  It may work in our favor someday:)  The similarities we all have are comforting. Thank you Elizabeth for joining us ~Kasse D.

Ladies Meet Elizabeth blogging from: Circle of Wagons

I stumbled upon Rural Women Rock and was deeply impressed with its lofty goal and zeal for empowering women.  It’s a wonderful mission.  I am honored to be writing a guest post! 

I come from a long line of rural women.  It’s amazing to look back and see how much has changed for rural women over the years.  I don’t think I am a special case; a lot of folks are like my family.  
I was the first woman in the family to attend college and leave the farm.  That is a big step!  One of my grandmothers never learned to drive and was devoted to caring for her 10 children on the family farm, very much the same way her mother lived.  My mother was the first woman in the family to drive, and have a town job. She worked a full time job, raised four kids and worked alongside my father to keep the farm going.  All the women in my family worked with the land and alongside their farmer husbands. These are the rockin' rural women I have to look up to! 

Today things are a little more modernized I’ve been driving since 15, and working outside the home since 16. But my upbringing by these amazing rural women has instilled an inborn fondness for the land and way of life. It has also taught me a work ethic and appreciation for my parents and their struggles.  It has been my parent's dream that all of their children receive a college education - something they never had the opportunity to have themselves. I can proudly say so far my siblings and I are achieving this dream. 
My lovely mother and I 

My mother raised me to be independent – in my thinking, and everyday life.  I can honestly say I can fend for myself (just ask my husband)  I can cook, sew, grow a garden, can, preserve food, home butcher and cure a ham. I can vaccinate, castrate, and drive a tractor.   I didn’t even realize these were skills until I went to college and found people teaching classes on the subjects as electives!   I had always seen them as chores that came with the seasons – not something I would pay tuition to learn.  It never ceases to amaze me.  

Now this little rural gal has spread her wings, married and moved several miles from home to an urban area. I moved here for work, with the love and support of my husband we have settled in a little apartment in town.   I am struggling with the funniest things.  For instance table scraps and vegetable peels. It took several months for me to get over the guilty feeling I had for throwing them in the garbage. It seemed so wasteful.  Why might you ask?  Because at home we compost the veggies and feed the table scraps to the dogs.   You can’t do that in a two bedroom upstairs apartment with a no-pet policy.  

My cowboy and I on our wedding day 

My husband and I are saving and biding our time to purchase a farm of our own someday. We talk about “our” farm all the time -how we want to run it, what we are going to raise etc.  We are both farm kids.  He grew up with cattle and horses. So while he learns to eat veggies,  I am learning to ride a horse.  

I am thankful for the rural women in my life.  I hope one day I will have the same opportunity my mother had with me.  To teach my children the values and traditions of our rural way of life. That’s kind of the mission for my blog.  I want to feature things we do at the farm and why we do it, share stories and throw a little bit of “Ag-vocacy” in the mix.  I just started blogging on National Ag day this past March, so it’s a work in progress.   I am always looking for ways to improve the blog or topics to write about.  I would appreciate any suggestions so don’t be shy!

Rural Women Rock!! 
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  1. I don't know how I haven't found this blog before! Thanks Leann for introducing me!

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  3. Oh my goodness this was great! It made me laugh out loud when you were talking about the things you thought were normal to know, but are electives in college. Shoot even in high school we were taught how to castrate pigs! lol

    Absolutely loved this post! The Lord knows your heart's desire and no doubt will lead you where you need to be in his timing (:

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for the comment! :) I know things will work out in time!

  4. Loved this post!!! :) I laughed about the table scraps. I feed ours to the dogs, but I have a hard time with things like veggie peels, etc. Since my chickens were eaten by a badger. I never know exactly what to do with them!

  5. I follow Elizabeth's blog and I love it. She writes of things she loves and in turn brings me into her life. She reminds me of myself some 20 years ago.