Monday, February 20, 2012

The Winner Is.....................

I know I'm late again.  First year to run my flower store and a blog during Valentines Day. Note to self:  Don't do a Giveaway during. It was a 3 funerals and Valentines Day week.  When things get busy, it's hard to split my brain and think about both at the same time.  Perhaps it will come.  I thought I'd take photos and show off, but things just got to rolling and didn't stop.  Thank you Lord for blessing our harvest.  I Have Valentines Day almost wrapped up for the year, still needing to change my window, pack up inventory, do billing and finish paper work.  That's today.  When the evening slowed last night, my brain stopped just long enough for some outer thoughts to creep in- The Giveaway!

 Ladies, congrats to yet another Heather.


  1. Yay! YAy! YAY!! So excited!!