Tuesday, February 21, 2012

One More Jewelry Giveaway................

One more cute as a button RWR Jewelry Giveaway! I’m going to do something a bit different on this one. To enter to win the last necklace, tell me someone specific we need to feature.  I would love to hear from the ladies you admire.  Now be realistic (or don‘t).

I would love to feature The
Pioneer Woman.  Not because she is well known, but because she is an inspiration to the blogging world and to rural women.  She has a new cookbook- Super cute!

We don't have to be famous or even be noticed by the world at large to make a difference. We make a difference by telling our story- whatever that story may be. The agriculture world is making waves in social media. Educating the world about food and farming one story or blog at a time. I see the Education community doing the same. We are making our little slices of the world larger. We are learning and growing by sharing, and in the end we all win when we share. So come on, share your friend, sister, mom, co-worker, favorite blogger, or likable stranger.  Rat her out of hiding.  The giveaway will end this Saturday. Good Luck!

Don’t forget to listen in on Parenting/Teaching by the Fruits of the Spirit (Radio in side bar).  It should be fixed now.  It is really worth listening. 

Have a great evening!


  1. Good Day:
    I think the co-author of Small Town Rules, Becky McCray would be a great woman, rural dweller and enthusiast to feature! Thank you for the consideration. Make it a great day.

  2. Loving Becky McCray. She was one of the first few ladies featured here on RWR. This makes me think we really need to get our yellow pages finished. I'd love to have her again. Thanks for joining us Amy.

  3. a fabulous woman whose blog, Amysassortedadventures@blogspot, i follow is Amy Morow from the Kazembe Orphanage in Zambia, Africa. There are so many obstacles she and her family face day after day. She is an inspiration!

  4. Wow, I have about 20 ladies I would love for you to feature! I guess #1 would be Dr.Whitney-Bammerlin. Country girl professor. That is the easiest way to describe her in 3 words. I'd love for you to feature her even if I don't win the necklace.

  5. Ladies Thank you so much. I can't wait to go find these women. They both sound so very interesting. Excited!

    Home On The Range, I'm thinking we haven't heard from you:) No pressure, but..................

    And Amy what you are up to is super inspiring. What do you say?

    Heather I'd love to hear from you again too. I always find so many inspiring things on your blog. I've sent my sis your way. Her kids are about the age of yours.


  6. Home On The Range Exchange. One more thing- I can't access your profile on blogger.

  7. Hmm, I can't think of anyone really. I do think it would be interesting to hear from your grandma or great-grandma on how things have changed from their days starting out. They are the original "rural" women.

  8. I want to nominate my mom, Debbie. She has always put her family first. She was a selfless, stay-at-home mom for my brother and I growing up. She also was and still is the backbone of my dad's construction business. If I can be half of the mother that she has been for me, I will be doing alright. She is an amazing women...she doesn't have a blog, but she comments a lot on mine. LOL

  9. Cara, I'm thinking you too:)

    Candy, If you get me something written. Oh, I just had and idea for Mothers Day. Yes, we'll do Mothers for Mothers Day. Write me up something with photos and email it to me. I've just decided we are going to honor our Rural Mothers during Mothers Day week. Any one else who would love to see their mother featured shoot me an email. Excited!! Thanks Candy.