Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just Dancing Gardens

Hi All

I made a mistake when announcing the winner of the Jewelry Giveaway last night. Who would have thought there would have been two Home On The Range Exchanges. Well, there is and one happens to be here in Oklahoma, but she was not the winner. Meet the real winner.

Home On The Range Exchange.

This next lady is a busy one. Battling the weather and her greenhouse as I type. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product. Meet today’s post:  Just Dancing Gardens 

It was late winter 1998 and my husband, Andy and I were eating supper by the glow of grow lights. I had been running a gardening program at Orchard School in South Burlington for 5 years at that point and seedlings seemed to be taking over what was the dining area. I had a dream of owning my own greenhouse business but was waiting for the "perfect location, greenhouse, time, money" etc. I looked at Andy and said, "you know, I know how to do this...grow beautiful plants, teach people about them. And nobody needs this many seedlings for their own personal gardens. I am going to start my business right now." A few nights later I sat down with my daughter, Jaska, to brainstorm possible names for this new business. We wrote down all the words that we liked and began putting them together. Some of the combinations were just silly, some not very catchy, most did not speak to either of us at all. On the list was the word dance and it suddenly struck me...dance...that was it. When I work with plants I feel as if I am dancing with them, sometimes I am the leader, sometimes they are. I also remembered that one of my favorite songs was She's Just Dancing by David Wilcox. Voila! The name Just Dancing was born.

I am the owner of Just Dancing Gardens & Greenhouse, a fun, quirky greenhouse and garden center. Daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin, wife, mother, aunt, grandmother, friend. Green streak in my hair has become my trademark. Committed to love, compassion, gratitude, wisdom being the prevailing way of being in the world. Committed to joy in the world.

During a recent conversation with my friend, Rhonda, I heard myself saying that I often don't think I can ask for help because so many people look to me for support, help, insights. As that person I have a conversation, in my head, that I must always be strong, have everything under control, put together. As I was speaking these words I stopped myself and remembered a chapter in The 13 Original Clan Mothers...I was being just like that Clan Mother...leading by example, yes, but only a one-sided example. I was leading from the competent, available, do-it-all and this is how side...a great place to lead from but I was not allowing myself room to be the good human being that I am, allowing people to see me vulnerable with needs and short-comings. Wow. That was a powerful thing for me to see and an opportunity for me to live what I have so often said is important to me...by example, in the world, actively engaged in what I believe.

I believe that we are basically good, we human beings, that we want to be loved and to love, be safe and provide safety, support and encourage each other and be supported and encouraged, that we all want to be a contribution to our family, friends, communities and the world. Time to walk the talk. So, in the last two weeks this is what I have been doing. We are in the process of moving my business which involves building a new greenhouse. A lot of details. A lot of work. My husband, Andy, has been beyond wonderful in the whole process but we had arrived at the point where he needed more than just his friend, Bob, to get the work done. Here was an opportunity to practice asking for help and allowing people to contribute. I used my e-mail groups and the business' Face Book page and put out a call for assistance. I also used my old friend the telephone. Amazing. The response has been amazing. It has been moving. I am filled with gratitude. For years I have been saying, "people just want to contribute" but having a hard time actually allowing people to contribute to me. Reaching out and asking for what is needed has allowed my community of friends and family to contribute to me, to Andy, to the business. I do not feel diminished in anyway by having asked for assistance. I feel empowered, inspired, loved and enlivened.


  1. Thanks, Kasse, for taking care of the details of getting this posted. You did a great job. Thank you for providing a forum for awesome rural women.
    Love to you.

  2. Thanks for clariying again :)
    I think hers might just be Home on the Range (minus Exchange)
    I can't wait to get the necklace!!!!