Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sarah Elisabeth Writes

This is the week for authors, as Sarah Elisabeth has authored over fifty inspirational flash fiction stories. Apparently So won the Writing Challenge, and seven others received an Editor’s Choice Award. Sarah’s first e-book–Third Side of the Coin, Seven Flash Fictions–is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Her flash fiction story and screenplay Colors, a short film, will soon be released on YouTube and GodTube.
Sarah is a proud member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and the Garden Valley Toastmasters. She attends a Cowboy Church in the piney woods of East Texas where she lives with her family.

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Born To Love You

God told my mother she would have a girl.
I was named long before I was born: Sarah Elisabeth meaning Princess from God. I must have known the significance of that name right away; Jesus became my heartbeat before my memory began.
One day not long after birth I gazed up at my mommy and daddy, gurgling, cooing; and something special took place. My parents videotaped me with the words to a beautiful song playing in the background–Born to Love You by Scott Wesley Brown. (
“I was made to love You,
From the moment I opened my eyes,
From the first step till that last step, all of my life
With little hands to serve you,
Little voice to praise,
Growing up in You, Lord, all of my days.
“I was born to love You,
It’s all so plain to see.
Born to love You,
As You were born for me.”
This memory was not refreshed in me until the day my mom tearfully told me the story over twenty years later after hearing the song again. And I cried. I cried at the thought of how precious each word in the song was and how my own story had unfolded. The song was the story of my life, written long before I could walk or talk. Growing up in Him, all of my days; I was born just to love Him.
“As the days pass by me, they draw me close to You.”
With that song and countless others, integrated with Bible reading and spoken words of faith, the Holy Spirit ignited a fire of passion within me. And you know what they say…your first flame never dies.
“Time only draws me closer to You, as I grow older and wiser,
Each passing moment I walk in Your truth,
My love for You is my greatest desire.”
His light has illuminated my life since before I can remember. My birth was for Him, as His birth was for me; and loving Him is my greatest desire.
Now I’m carrying that light into my writing life, creating stories that share His great love and mercy. From micro-fiction to full length novels, my prayer is you feel the Lord’s touch when you read the words He’s allowed me to pen.

For Him,
Sarah Elisabeth
My E-book, Third Side of the Coin, Seven Flash Fictions:

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  2. Thank you Sarah! I've enjoyed your post. What a special story you have.