Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mandy Hutchison's Cow Track

I’ve been pretty excited about this next feature. It’s taken some coaxing, but she did it. Mandy is my sister. She is married to my oldest bother, and is the real cowgirl around here- even if I did grow up on the farm. I cringe to tell this, but I really never wanted to get cold and dirty at the same time. Throw in wet, and I was off to the house. I know I’m a light weight, but Mandy isn’t. She is very involved with her boys and showing cattle. As many of you know, none of it is for the weak or faint at heart. So many of you ladies are going to love getting to read about her and her boys, and their adventures in showing and agriculture. I’m going to enjoy reading and following them too, they are always up to something. I have some pretty amazing nephews, who are kept in line with a pretty amazing mother- I’m not sure what my brother does? I think Mandy keeps him in line and takes care of him tooJ She runs a pretty tight ship. Thanks Many!
 -Kasse D.

                             I think this is a picture of my brother doing his part of the chores:)

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For Christmas Break would you rather go Snow Skiing in Colorado or to a Stock Show in Phoenix, AZ?

3 days of packing ....

Look out Phoenix here we come!

Stall area before, during and after.


SHOW DAY! and everyone is hoping for the same thing........
for one of these!! Congrats boys!

Yes that was the question of the year. We left the day after Christmas, drove 970 miles, enjoyed the awesome weather of Phoenix and spent New Year's Eve on I40 somewhere between Phoenix and home. We asked the boys on the way home if they would have rather went snow skiing and they said, "No Way!" we feel the same. Next show is Denver, CO and no we won't be there for snow skiing. The boys will be showing at the We've been for the past 3 years to watch, but this will be the first year they will be showing!


  1. I never missed the holidays that were spent on the road, my birthday almost always fell on Junior Nationals and what mattered was that our family was together and we were having fun. Stock show kids are unlike any others and have many memories!

  2. Love it! This is what I hope to be doing when I become a mom!


  3. oh my! Not only did you travel 900+ miles with your family but you did it with cows too!! Brave woman you are!

  4. Way to go Mandy, thank you for sharing!!

  5. Keep up the good work Mandy sounds like you have everything in order, I also grew up on a farm but in florida but yes you are a busy girl. Love the Old English Sheepdog, we had one when my kids were little she was a great watchdog and loved her little kids she guarded.