Sunday, January 1, 2012

I have heard an awful lot of negative talk about resolutions this New Year. Just one negative after another. However, I’m not feeling very negative. I feel unbelievably positive, and it’s not just the prospect of the new year. I feel exceptionally good about what’s happening here on RWR. I believe in women. I believe we need each other. I want us to get excited about our lives, each other, and the possibility that if all goes well, we have the hope of one more year on planet earth. Not all of us are as lucky, Remember? I believe a few of us strong and courageous ones, are going to step up and out and Rock the planet this year!

We are about women inspiring and encouraging each other here on RWR. Truth be told, that is so much easier online than it is in the real world. We don’t know what social circles each other are in, how much money we have, who’s prettier, what kind of cars we drive, where we came from, what the kids are or are not doing, who your parents are, or if we need to compete or not. We can’t very easily slander one another or gossip- it’s just not possible here. On-line levels the playing field- it makes the game so much more fun, but the reality is, we all have to go back out and play the game of life. Let’s try to play fair this year. Keep the field level even if it is in our ability to slight it.

I’d like to give a Rural Women Rock challenge. Let’s try to make 2012 a year for women. Lets step up and be the better woman. Better yet, lets be the women God intended us to be.

So here are some real world RWR challenges for us to help connect and restore our relationships with women. (I’m really writing these for me, but sharing them with youJ )

1. Be the first to smile.

2. If you’re not going to say something nice- don’t say it at all.

3. Remember other peoples’ sin is none of our business- we rarely really want to help or even have the ability.

4. Realize we will all get our turn- good and bad.

5. If you don‘t like her- Pray for her to do well. (this one will be easyJ )

6. Mend your broken relationships-say you’re sorry.

7. Remember it‘s difficult to be new.

8. Don’t be a slave to your assumptions- they are rarely correct.

9. Realize that not everyone is reacting to you.

10. Realize we are all just doing the best we can with what we know.

11. Try to focus on how we are alike- not what is different.

12. Take it to God- not another woman.

13. She probably really didn’t see you.

14. Realize she is probably just as insecure and uncomfortable as you are.

15. Try to get to know her.

16. She has a story listen for it.

17. Try to understand her.

18. Try to help her.

19. Don’t share your negative opinion. 

20. Try loving her.

Please add to this via a comment if you’d like.

I wanted to share this site with you ladies. I was visiting with one of my oldest and most dear friends (Love you Misty) on the phone yesterday, and she shared this with me.

Click Here For The Free Resource:

The site is a free resource for finding your spiritual gifts and vision based on the book Chazown by Craig Groeschel.

“It's the Hebrew word for vision, and it's what God had in mind for you when you were created. Each of us is a masterpiece, placed on earth for a unique purpose that's solely ours to fulfill. Come uncover God's dream for your life - your Chazown.”

I wasn’t able to purchase the book, but worked my way through the site regardless. I do want to follow up with reading. I used this site to make my resolutions this year, and ended up finding my personal vision. It makes me a bit nervous to disclose, but here is my personal vision:

To creatively bring women together to restore kindness, peace, and authenticity. To encourage women in their gifts and help them find purpose in the Lord.

I don’t have any idea how or why, but I know God does, and that is really all that matters. Regardless, I’m as excited as ever about it.

If you have been searching or questioning, make the time.

Also just wanted to share this book I just finished reading.  Also, amazing.

Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick on the recomendation of my friend Gwen

Things are going to go a little differently from here on out. We have decided to do features on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This will allow each “feature” to be posted for two whole days. The concern was that five ladies a week was too many. This also allows more exposure for the “featured“, and makes keeping up as a reader more probable. We will have our first feature of the year starting Tues. I’m already excited about our coming features- They ROCK!

I know some are still wondering about the new site. Yes, it is still in the making. We haven’t done everything just as we should have on RWR. I guess we are learning as we go. I promise it will be worth the wait.



Good Luck this year Ladies. I have a feeling this is going to be the best year of our lives- I can feel it!

Now, for the important things- Off to fold cloths.


  1. Excellent list! Be the first to smile and don't share your negative opinions... what simple ways to be positive. Happy New year to one of my favorite new blogs!

  2. Thanks for posting this Kasse! I try to be a positive person and smile, but sometimes it is easy to forget to do it and be the better person! I am excited to see what RWR has instore for this next year!! Love ya!!

  3. Excellent list. Most of those things on your list I learned the hard way, by moving around numerous times and always being the new girl in town. Thanks for the site link too. I've been doing some thinking about my purpose this upcoming year and once I get it into words I'll share it with you. So excited for Tuesday!

  4. what a great list to aspire to this that 'Be the first to smile' is number one!

  5. I really needed this post today.. I easily let petty comments get to me and I in turn become consumed with nasty thoughts.

    Women can be mean and when someone is mean it's best to just smile and be happy at where your at in life.

    Thanks RWR!

  6. Thanks lady's for you comments. I needed to read back over the list today again. It is very easy to get consumed with nasty thoughts. Lets drown it out with inspiration.

  7. Excellent guidelines to live by and practice. Thank You for sharing!