Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Tyranny of the Urgent

From the very beginning, this site has been about you ladies -not me.  Almost immediately, the months filled with women stepping forward to tell their stories.   RWR has taken off like a slow moving train gaining momentum each and every day. I’m excited to see where we are headed, so  I hope it’s not off a cliff . If I had thought for a moment I was going to have to talk about myself on this blog, I assure you none of us would be here. But here we are in December, and all of a sudden, I’m being forced to write. To be honest, for three days now, I have had some version of stage fright.  

When you start telling the truth, it’s amazing the amount of writing content you have. It’s not all meant to be shared, but sometimes the truth can set you free. I’ve been thinking about this for a few days now, so I’m going to just go with it. A while back I began saying a prayer.  It went something like this “Dear Lord help me to see the things I do that break your heart”.   He was listening and let me know pretty quick.  Here is the hard part- this is a little of what I got, but not all of it.

I have a tendency to think what ever I am doing at any given moment is extremely urgent, so urgent I put the people I love second to any and every project at hand. I ignore, put off, leave out, forget, neglect, and on and on and on. Sadly, I’m just realizing this, and when I say sadly I do mean almost heart sick. The revelation has almost arrested me- it humbles me, and embarrasses me. It is not fun. I do not like it. It is painful and trying, and don’t let me fool you for a moment, I am not suddenly changed- It’s really to bad too, because everyone would be better off. It’s taken me closing my store to figure out that perhaps not all my madness was caused by the long unpredictable and never ending hours at the flower shop- I’d have to admit I’m pretty much my own worse enemy. More of my madness has to do with my long unpredictable and never ending obsession with my own importance than anything else.   I easily find one urgent thing after another- not one important thing after another and there is a difference.  Don‘t worry, the Lord has found me and is dealing with me. Thank goodness- I was really wearing myself out! He’s just getting started, but I’m excited about what he’s doing in my life. I’m only telling this because I know I’m not alone. I think it is a woman thing. I might be on the extreme end of it, but I think we are all on the spectrum somewhere. Years ago, for some reason or another, I read “The Tyranny of the Urgent” published in the 60's by Charles Hummel.

Here is the jest of it:

"Your greatest danger is letting the urgent things crowd out the important. We live in constant tension between the urgent and the important.  The problem is that the important task rarely has to be done today or even this week".

   This little pamphlet sums it all up and gives a nice little recipe for a remedy. It has been useful to me here lately. I think with the holidays upon us, we could all stand to read something that addresses our madness. I hope you take the time.

The Tyranny of the Urgent


  1. I love your quote that you included. Yeah, I think it's a woman thing and I've been guilty of it. I think it especially pops up at this time of year. Just because there is a deadline, doesn't always mean we HAVE to complete the task. Being honest is hard, thanks for being brave Kasse. :)

  2. So when that conversation comes up between God and myself (on the Other Side), on the list of things that breaks His heart is that I wasn't even brave enough to ASK "what am I doing that breaks your heart?" You are brave indeed.