Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Rural Spirit

I have been doing a great deal of thinking about what defines the rural spirit. What sets us apart from other women?  What will help you decide if you have found friends among us?

A few trends have formed as we have gathered together. One of the first things that has surfaced is our rural spirit, and this rural spirit has nothing to do with location. We have had quite a few features from women who were not rural by location, but by essence. I am sure this is true with our followers as well. 

You may be as rural as they get location wise and not be the essence of how we will define ourselves here, but you also may be deep in the heart of the city and find us singing your song. When I wrote this I considered past RWR "features", women I know, and family members both past and present.

The Rural Spirit

She is soft in spirit but tough as nails.

We are not of a frail nature. 

We have a hardiness about us.

Her mind is deep and strong with a foundation that is unshakable- no desperate housewives here, we are not Kardashian followers, Big Brother fans, or band wagon gals.

We can get dirty and pretty all in a days work and most of the time don’t prefer one to the other.

We are keepers of family.

We are practical and resourceful.

We are honest. Good hearted. Seekers of peace.

We are marked by our good sense and authentic nature.

We do not need material things to define us.

We know where we stand and are not easily tossed with the wind- steadfast.

We are brave.

We have a mind of our own and are fearlessly directed by it.

We are not easily caught up or drug off.

We do not run with large crowds- rather we are independent and strong.

We are not in gossip circles- we are far to busy with the people and things we love.

We are friends of the weak, poor, and to the outcasts.

We are thoughtful and considerate.

We are forward thinking.

We are not afraid to rock the boat, and are unapologetic in our resolve.

We do not do things as they have always been done. We do things the best way we see fit.

We are keepers of the land, lovers of the country, and desire slow living and wide margins.

We are growers, tenders, overseers, protectors, teachers, and caregivers.

We possess a sixth sense, and it’s not a novelty but a God given compass.

We are God fearing and faith bearing.



I would love you ladies to add to this if you feel comfortable, so come on. 


  1. Oh, I love this Kasse. I can't say I am all of those things, but I can say that they are all things I strive to be. It reminds me a bit of that proverbs 31 woman. She's a tough act to live up to, but I really really want to try!

  2. Fab-u-lous! Love this! Very well put miss Kasse.

  3. We are "earthy" so I've been told. = ) Great job, Kasse!

  4. That is awesome! I don't think I could add anything to it. I'm printing this off right now to hang on my kitchen wall :)

  5. Love this, Kasse! Especially the dirty + pretty item.

  6. Love it!!! Can't believe I just now read this. lol