Monday, December 19, 2011

Some thoughts and recipes before I sign off for Christmas.

It just started snowing at my house.  I'm so excited! 
Today I’m going to leave you with a couple of thoughts and recipes, and sign off for Christmas. I’m very excited about some things we are working on, so I do hope you will click back in after Christmas. Thank you all for following RWR over the past few months. It has been amazing to experience our "rural women diversity"!  I can't wait to see where this journey will take us over the next year. Thanks ladies for making it happen!

I have made this cinnamon Christmas candy hundreds of times over the past 30 years.  My recipe came from my late Grandma Barbara, who was the ultimate rockin' rural woman.  The noodle recipe was a new one for me. These yummy noodles are making great gifts for various families we love and appreciate. Thanks Mom, Len, and Janie for a fun baking day last week.

Here are some things I’ve been thinking about:

This first one has really been bothering me. The Kardashians, Big Brother, Desperate Housewives, The Real Housewives: What is going on here?  Is this an acceptable direction for women? Can we change directions? I don't know about you, but I’m not in favor of shallow bimbos. We are better than this!

Women are encouragers- are we doing a very good job with our daughters and younger generations of women? Are we doing a good job with each other? Are we happy with Good?

How can we reconnect my generation and younger generations of women with the wisdom of older generations of women? We have a disconnect going on. How do we fix it?

I recently read that online communities for women are growing at a rate of 35% faster than any other online community. Why is this? Are we connecting well offline? Why online?

Burdens and Visions: I’ve recently heard that we all need burdens and visions in our life- it brings out our purpose. Your burden is what you feel strongly about. Your vision is what you see yourself doing about it.

Just some thoughts to ponder if you get a quiet moment. 

Grandma Barb’s Cinnamon Candy

1 Cup corn syrup

2 ½ cups sugar

½ water

Red food coloring

Cinnamon flavoring (at drug stores) to taste.

We like it really hot and use 5 tsp.

 Boil first three ingredients to Hard Crack stage. 310 on candy thermometer. Remove from heat, add flavoring and coloring. Be careful with cinnamon oil it will burn your eyes and skin- a good way to test amount of oil is to add a few drops and then drop mixture into a cup of water. Taste the piece that hardens. Add more if needed. Pour out onto buttered sheet pan dusted with powered sugar. Let cool. Score with knife while warm- Let it harden then break into pieces.

12 ½ cups flour

1 tsp salt

6 eggs

2 ½ cups milk

5 TBSP butter

We tripled a standard recipe to get these amounts. Mix and form into small balls. Run through noodle maker. We let our noodles dry for three days before we sacked them.
Have a wonderful holiday season. Be mindful or respectful of why we celebrate Christmas. Enjoy your families to the fullest and embrace the blessings of the season.

 Have a very Merry Christmas!


  1. We haven't got the snow yet but I hear it's coming our way. I have 4 dozen eggs in the fridge and since I'm pretty sure my kids won't be in school tomorrow we're going to make noodles too!

    Wonderful thoughts you've shared. As for the reality tv..I got so tired of that so long ago that we don't even watch tv in our house anymore. People can't believe that we don't have cable. My boys have recently fallen in love with the old cartoons on Netflix. If we stop giving in to the bimbos maybe they'll get off our tvs permanently.

    Wisdom of older generations...I joined a home ec club in my area this year, something I NEVER thought I'd do...but this group of older women, who invited me by the way, are hilarious and so full of wisdom. Although we are connecting more and more online there are plenty of opportunities for women to connect face to face too; churches, libraries, etc. I think the younger generation is afraid the older generation may not want them around..especially if we are moms being trailed by little kids. It makes it hard for the younger generation to make a move. (For me it was at least.)

  2. Heather. I guess I was lying. When I posted this it sure looked like it was snowing, but it was just rain.

    This was my first noodle experience- they are so good. Do you have another good recipe? If so, would you share?

    I love your comments as always.

    I was the same way with my kids when they were smaller. My sister has four littles ones- she's fearless. I wish I had been more like her. Now I just have to worry about what they want to wear when we go out. Still pretty scary.

    About T.V. you are my hero- not having cable. I'd toss our T.V. over the back deck, but I'm afraid my husband might retaliate with my computer:) Bimbos sounded pretty harsh in hind sight- I've really never watched any of them all the way through, but I hear a lot of talk, and notice many of my blond sisters dying their hair Kardashian style.

    Let me know how the noodles go. Have a wonderful holiday Heather!
    Oh, getting the Oklahoma postcards out in the morning.

  3. Oh my that candy brings back memories. We made numerous flavors and called it "glass candy". Thanks for that smile! The noodles look yummy! Enjoy following the blog and Merry Christmas to all the STRONG BEAUTIFUL RURAL WOMEN!

  4. Found you via Aimee over at Everyday Epistle and subscribed and linked to your blog.. Love your blog and looking forward to future posts. Come visit me sometime at RodneySouthernSays if you get the chance!

  5. Thank you two for commenting. It's nice to know who's following along. I'd love more of you to stick your head in the door. I'm be off to visit the two of you. Thanks for following along. Let us know when you are ready to be featured.

  6. I have often wondered why there is such a disconnect between the older women and younger, especially in the church....In the past 3ish years, I've really really FELT in, here in my smaller and a friend tried to get some of the "older" women in our church to mentor us, but none of them seemed interested or willing....I don't know what we did wrong. It is disheartening.