Saturday, November 5, 2011

The winners are

We have some exciting things unfolding this evening.  The first being the winners to our Rural and Proud market bag giveaway:  For those of you who missed it, we were giving away 5 Rural and Proud market bags this week.

This was our first ever RWR giveaway, and as all of you know, we are learning.  I am so excited these ladies came forward to comment, I'm giving each of them a bag!  It just seems right.  Congrats ladies, I will be in contact with you soon.

Prarie Mother

Strout Stroutacus

Cara from Vintage183

Chaya from Pantryparatus

Shonna from The Shabby Queen


Kim from Garbage Sale

Andera from  Geek Girl Vintage

Debbie R.

The next bit of news is equally exciting.  Carrie has created a button for the ladies who have been featured on the site.  Here it is for the taking.  Hope you like it!  Please link it back over to us- You ladies ROCK!

Now, for the news I think some of you have been patiently waiting for, our NEW SITE:

We have went back and forth with whether or not to invite you ladies over this soon, but from the very beginning of this venture, I have been telling things just as they were unfolding.  Inviting you along for the ride, and sometimes not quite sure where we were going.  I'm guessing anyone who did not like this approach is most likely no longer here, so I feel confident we are with the flexible few who just love rolling along with us.  Tonight we are going to invite you ladies over to the new site, but remember we just moved in, and there are a lot of things left to put away and much decorating to do.  Feel free to join and nose around.  Things will not always be as they are now, but letting you in from the beginning will allow you to watch us grow.  Come over for a visit  tonight Rural Women Rock.  We will be live at from 8-10pm this evening. (central time) to answer any questions you may have while visiting.  We will continue to post both places until things are finalized.


  1. LOVE the newpage! I missed this giveaway but those bags are great!

  2. Thanks Sarah! We'll have another one soon!

    Sorry ladies about the button. I'll get it fixed ASAP.

    Thank you ladies for coming out last night to chat and comment on the site!

    I feel good things coming!