Sunday, November 6, 2011

Early Morning Wake Up Call

For those of you joining us today, RWR has saved Sundays for spiritual inspiration.  If you have beliefs that differ, I respect this, but today is the day of the Lord whom I believe in, and I hope you choose to respect that I will honor him on Sundays.

I feel like I am continuing to be lead to address our hearts as women. My past Sunday posts I felt a nudging of the spirit to write. (Well, last weeks, was all me.) I woke again this morning without any spirit filled words the lord had previously given me.  Instead, I had the nudging that someone else had something for me.  Proverbs 31 came to mind, so I google it. The Lord directed me to a site much like the one we are working on here, and I found the article Early Morning Wake Up Call. I do not believe I ended up there by accident.

It is interesting that I found this article, as Rural Women Rock began from an early morning wake up call.  I have told this story to a couple of very close friends, but wasn't ready to disclose it publicly on RWR for fear of the raised eyebrows of disbelief. (Our Vision probably got me a few)  In many ways the Lord has made the way for what we are doing here on RWR.  I'm not sure why or where it's going, and I know I get off track, but when I listen the Lord leads.(I am the least likely person to be doing this)  Here is my early morning wake-up call:  After  beginning  Rural Women Rock,  I woke at 4:24 to an unfimular ring tone coming from our kitchen.  My husband and I both set up in bed.  We weren't sure what it was.  I got up, went to the kitchen, and there on the table set my cell phone ringing this insane ring tone.  I turned it off and went back to bed. I asked my husband why he had set the alarm- he said he hadn't.  We laid back down and went to sleep.  Fifteen minutes later, the phone alarm went off again.  This time when it did, the still quiet voice I have grown to listen to whispered, "this is the time you need to get up".  This time, I got up, turned the phone off, and went to my computer to write.  This is where RWR began.  You can explain this away in any way you wish, and it will not bother me one bit.  I know it was the Lord.  All things evolved from that point at 4.24 in the morning. I have never turned off the alarm.  It has proven to be the time I needed, as I am as busy as the next person, and left till the end of the day, nothing would have got off the ground.  What's funny about this article is, I fell off the wagon this last week.  Staying up too late, pressing the snooze too many times, and things began to get off track. I would miss my bible reading, skip exercising, or work into my family time on RWR.   I was just confessing this to my sister-in-law this morning-my slipping.  I desire the lords direction, and I think when we don't listen we can't hear- to state the obvious.  I needed another wake-up call.  God is Good!

Early Morning Wake Up Call

From Chaos to Calm: Day Twenty-Five
Early Morning Wake Up Call
Scripture Memory: “She riseth also while it is yet night, and giveth meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens.” Proverbs 31: 15
At the beginning of this challenge, I encouraged you to rise early in the morning and have your daily prayer and devotion. I hope that you have learned to be fairly consistent in this.
Today, I want to talk about the importance of the early morning routine and how, if you are not used to it, it can change your life! The Bible talks a lot about laziness. “Lazy hands make a [woman] poor, but diligent hands bring wealth.” Proverbs 10:4. (NIV) We talked briefly about self-discipline and I want to touch on it again today.
Having a lack of self-discipline is a form of laziness. The verse above tells us that a person who is lazy will be poor, but a person who is willing to be diligent will be wealthy. I can think of so many ways a person can be “poor.” You can be poor in spirit. You can be poor in relationships. You can be poor financially. You can be poor or “lacking” in just about anything.
I have heard so many women over the years tell me, “I am not a morning person.” Or, “I don’t get up early.” Or, “I just can’t wake up!”
If you are a woman with a husband and/ or family and you do not rise before everyone else, you are being self-centered and lack self-discipline in this area of your life. You will never be “rich” in your marriage if your husband must fix his own breakfast and get himself out the door in the morning. If your children must come in the morning and ask you to get up, you are robbing them of something special – a mother who cares enough to greet them in the morning with a sweet smile, a warm hug, a cheerful, “Good Morning,” and a good breakfast. Mothers who do not get up in the morning are also teaching their children to be self-centered, and be lazy when they are grown.
By not waking before the family, centering your heart on Christ first, and seeing that the needs of your family are met before your own, you have shown them you are more important than them. This is not Christ like! Jesus came to serve others – not to be served. We are to follow in His example.
Perhaps you are thinking, “But, I am so tired and grouchy if I get up early!” I would say to you, “Whose problem is that? Yours. You need to force yourself to change.” Change is possible. Before I had children, I was most definitely a “night person.” I loved to read books late into the night and sleep in late. It took me a number of years before I learned to simply wake up in the morning. I had to change my patterns. I had to go to bed early enough that I could get up early. I had to learn a new way. I had to learn that some things aren’t easy, but those things become easier when you do them every day. Now, I usually wake up before the alarm goes off in the morning and I even wake up at the same time on weekends.
Successful people rarely ever sleep in late. They get up early and go about their day. I am not just talking about people who have careers and earn a lot of money. People who have neat homes, nice yards, must work hard to meet those goals. I am sure you have heard the saying, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man wealthy and wise.” It is true!
Re-read the memory verse above. We are told that the Proverbs 31 woman rises early before the day breaks to prepare food for her family. God gave us this verse for a reason – it is important!
If you have not already made it a habit to prepare food for your husband before he leaves for work and make him a lunch, think about how surprised he’ll be when he wakes up to delicious smells and a well thought out lunch. You can even tuck a note in his lunch sack telling him how much you love him or that you will be praying for his day.
Men are fairly easy to please. They want to be loved and cared for by their wives. If he leaves home in good spirits; feeling like he is the luckiest man in the world with a beautiful, content, thoughtful wife at home; how likely is it that he will fall prey to temptation? He is more likely to walk away from temptation if he feels loved at home!
Continue to practice this daily. It will get easier! Ask God for the will to wake up if you really struggle. All things are possible through Christ!

Melissa Ringstaff is the Director of A Virtuous Woman, a ministry based on the Scriptures of Proverbs 31. She is a pastor's wife and the mother of five, plus 4 step-children who are all grown up, and Grandarlin' to 13 (so far) grandchildren. She lives with her family in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of southeast Kentucky. You can contact Melissa at A Virtuous Woman or at her personal blog, The Vintage Homemaker .
Rise to the challenge:  We are not to be ordinary women! This smacked me in the face. Melissa has written many other wonderful articles.  Here is the entire Proverbs 31 explored by Melissa A Virtuous Woman.


  1. When I started blogging I decided that if I was going to do it I should try to blog everyday. But Sundays had to be different. If I was going to blog I had to work for God too, so I save my Sundays for spiritual thoughts as well. Although there are vast differences in religious beliefs even among Christians I commend you for your Sunday posts. Although we may not agree, there is something that all of us can take away from God's word. Have a great week Kasse!

  2. GREAT post! It kinda smacked me in the face too, but I needed it and VERY MUCH appreciate it!

    Kasse- be sure to check out my blog post "Dancing at a Funeral?!" I think you'd enjoy reading it.


  3. Prairie Heather, I read your Sunday's post too. I love it. Hoping some Sundays I can send ladies your way.

    Buckupbaby Heather, I went looking for Dancing at a funeral and couldn't find it. What month?
    You have me very interested.

    Thanks ladies for your comments.

  4. Buckupbaby Heather, found it. I just sobbed after watching that video. I really needed to watch that. It's amazing what the Holy Spirit will do if we seek, listen, and obey. It's scary stuff- getting outside our comfort zone for the Lord. Thank you for sharing. If anyone wants to read it: