Monday, November 14, 2011

Christy Jo Hodge: Prairie Paper Co.

Give a big Rural Women Rock to Christy Jo.  Lovin' her "just do it" rural woman attitude.   Not blogging just yet, but I'm going to give her a little push!


                                                                                    Prairie Paper Co.

I grew up in the country and have always been drawn to it. I’ve tried the big city thing but truth be told I could not be far enough out! Most people do not understand this about me. They cannot understand how someone would want to be so far out when they themselves are just not close enough! I have never expected anyone to understand my desire to have my mailbox 10 miles or more from my house, just as I have never understood the desire for someone to live in an uptown New York townhouse. It’s just a preference, it doesn’t mean either one is better or worse than the other (of course unless you’re stuck doing the one you hate). Of course driving to a city job from my dream house is not really in the picture either, so it’s actually very convenient that what I do can be done from anywhere! 

I definitely think Rural Women Rock, but for a lot of different reasons. I was at a rodeo every weekend when I was younger and I had numerous horses and show pigs. They all required my attention after school. While most kids were in the house watching after school shows or in the backyard tanning, I was trying to figure out how to ride all three of my horses, walk four pigs, get everything put up, do my homework, and possibly fit in a meal before it was past bedtime. (Yes, I did mention homework after everything else…it just happened that way). By the time I was in High School I became responsible for things that College Students are never even responsible for. I knew how to care for animals, change a tire, train a horse, shoot a gun and could easily unload 200 bales of hay without complaining about it… before I even knew how to make macaroni and cheese, and yes…I said I could do it without complaining, not that I did. For me, this is just what it meant to grow up in the Country. With not brothers or sisters living in my house…I was responsible for a lot of things (and of course I got to have fun but I wouldn’t admit that to my parents). I was taught that you don’t need a man to do anything because you can do it yourself. It’s just dang handy to have them do it for you, but always make sure it’s something you know you can do yourself. There is just something about knowing these things that help me know inside I can probably conquer anything. 

I have always known that there were things that I wanted to do, had to do! I am a very passionate person when it comes to what I believe in and usually I will work 210% to get it done. Sometimes through the process I realize that maybe this isn’t exactly what I thought it would be or more times than not it opens up a door to something bigger. At times I have been criticized for either quitting or not knowing what I want. Maybe sometimes I don’t. I do however, believe that God has his purpose for each one of us and at certain times in our life we might be doing something for a small while, until we have reached our goal or learned what we needed from that experience. My latest quest has been one long coming and not something that I hoped on board after I read an article or heard a story. When I was in College I took an Advertising class and loved designing. I LOVED it. I made up my own advertisements with old rodeo pictures and whatever I could find. I was also stuck on making things and only that part of it. I have always been a doodler, drawing and playing around with things, making homemade Christmas cards or note cards. That’s just always been a part of who I am. A few years ago I was in the middle of opening an online store and became so obsessed with the designing of the store that the actual store itself brought me no joy what-so-ever! I knew that I needed to learn Graphic Design and fast! I knew it would be a huge challenge and with the local college jr college not offering much in the graphic field, I was faced with the fact that I was going to be learning this on my own. So I did. 

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I now have my own Graphic and Web Design Company called Glambition Designs along with a new Stationery and Invitation Company I recently started this Summer, Prairie Paper Co. It was not easy. It still is not easy. People do not believe in me, they don’t think I can make a living, and some just don’t think I’ll stick with it. For those reasons, I loved the Kelly Cutrone books. I do not believe the same things she does religiously but she was right when she said you can’t listen to the negative. I once read a quote from Abraham Lincoln that said “If you look for the bad in people, you will surely find it”. How true is that? That is why you have to know that there is good and bad, but focus on the good! God knows who and what you need when you need it! Rely on your Faith and if you are a Rural Woman, I know you will agree with me. We just sometimes forget and need to be reminded. We are strong powerful women (and trust me I know a lot of strong powerful city girls that are my BFF’s) who can do anything we set out to accomplish. And last but not least, remember to support one another regardless of what we do. I can’t tell you how many people I see that won’t help out other WAHM’s or start-up business owners because they are afraid, but I can promise that a helping hand will get your further than a fearful negative attitude!

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Thanks Christy!  


  1. Thanks Christy! Loved the post-especially this: "a helping hand will get your further than a fearful negative attitude!" We need to encouragers to other women-not what brings them down!

  2. Great post! Hang in there lady! As long as you believe in yourself - you'll make believers out of those negative Nancys.
    -Heather Kaspar