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Kim Binak

When Kim emailed me her story, and shared the link to her blogs,  I loved all three, but I was astounded when I read her blog Exodus. I thought to myself, “this is a brave woman".   It takes strength to be transparent, but strength helps us grow and change. Kim was worried that her blog, having only three posts, might not be ready for viewing, but I think beginnings are perfect. I hope you go visit Exodus, and Kim’s other blogs, and encourage her in her journey. If you know someone who faces similar struggles, I hope you share Kim’s blog with others. It is her desire that by sharing her story, she might strengthen other women with similar experiences. Kim Rocks Bravery in a big way……………………

 Give a big Rural Women Rock welcome to Kim.  Blogging from:





KimB from Alaska, here. After reading through the posts from the recent guest bloggers at RWR, I took a deep breath and put in my name as an applicant. It's been wonderful meeting and learning about all you lovely, interesting women and while I am certainly not as accomplished as you are in the areas of farm life or community involvement, I am hoping that sharing a bit about myself and life in Alaska will be interesting to some. Currently, I reside in Anchorage - the largest city in the state (population just under 300,000) - but prior to moving here about 18 months ago, we lived for 10 years in Eagle River (a community of approx 30,000) which, technically, is part of the Anchorage Borough, but located about 10 miles north and would definitely be considered "rural."

Moose in my backyard

Anchorage Skyline

Mt. McKinley

 I was born in Juneau and have lived in Alaska for 50 of my 54 years. I am married, the mother of four adult children, "gammie" of a toddler and a newborn and a follower of Jesus Christ. I love music, reading, traveling with my Husband, hanging out with family and friends, beading, paper-crafting -- but my passion is photography and digital art. I tell people, "Developing fluid flows through my veins," because my father's side of the family - as far back as my great-grandfather in the early 1900s - had that same passion. As the only child of my parents, I have inherited literally thousands of photos, slides and negatives from that side of the family. I have used many in scrapbook layouts, but most are in boxes, waiting for me to "have the time" {ha} to organize, make digital copies and display them in great and meaningful works of art...
My Husband & me
<><><><><><> <><><><><><>
Jenni & Ivory's Wedding
Matthew & Sarah's Wedding
<><><><><><> <><><><><><> <><><><><><>
Granddaughter Amelia

<><><><><><> <><><><><><>
Grandson Adrian
Which leads me to the digital part of my passion for photgraphy. About three and a half years ago, I began learning how to (correctly) use Adobe Photoshop Elements -- and I was "swayed to the dark side" as some of us digital scrapbooks like to say :) Since May 2008, I have never made another layout using paper or scissors or glue. I've gone 100% digital. Some folks -- I used to be one of them -- claim that digital is nice, but cannot compare to the satisfaction of playing with the physical elements and embellishments and printed photos. I agree that the tactile experience is lovely - and I find that fulfillment by making cards and mini-scrapbook albums on occasion. But other than the actual act of shooting photos, nothing gives me a greater thrill than editing those photos to my satisfaction and then arranging them on a digital page and printing them out for gifts and for my own albums.
<><><><> <><><><>
Amelia Ann

Louie & Ahpun at the Alaska Zoo
My favorite type of digital editing, however, is using digital textures and "clipping masks" on my photos to give an artistic feel. I like to add Scripture or inspirational quotes or even a single encouraging word, print it out and frame for a gift or for hanging on my own wall. I am working up the courage to try selling these artistic prints. Mostly, I want others to be drawn to the Lord by viewing His creation... But -- to be frank -- I could use a few extra dollars, too!

I have three blogs - one for crafting, one for photography and one I began in August as a way to put my thoughts, fears and prayers "down on paper" as I travel a new road in my life, attempting to discover who "kimmie" truly is. You see, my beloved Husband of 17 years has bipolar and during a "cycle" last year, he declared that he is gay. Well... that bit of news certainly changed the dynamics of our union, to say the least. Not that our love for and commitment to one another is over - it isn't. But life is different. And so, I am wanting to learn about me, now; get some healing; surround myself with my local and cyber girlfriends. There's nothing I can do for my Husband but to pray for him and to keep on loving him. But there *are* things I can do for myself. So this new blog, called "Exodus ~ My Journey to the Promised Land," was created as a way to put down my thoughts in order to gain a better understanding about myself and my life. Unfortunately, I have only made three posts there and have not kept up with it the way I had hoped, though I am currently in the process of drafting an "update" post. My photography blog is the most active and my crafting blog is even less active than the "Exodus" blog, though I hope to update it soon as well.
I have greatly enjoyed my time here at RWR thus far. Learning about each of you is fascinating and meeting Kasse has been a delight! I hope to make some new friends here and am always willing and eager to share Alaska with anyone who is interested. If you would llike to check out my blogs, here are the links:
Clique (photo blog)
Exodus ~ My Journey to the Promised Land


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