Thursday, October 20, 2011

Val Wagner

I listened to Val speak about her family and life at a recent conference.  A very refreshing lady. 

Give a big Rural Women Rock to Val Wagner

My name is Val, and I'm a mommy of four boys in rural North Dakota. Without social media and agriculture groups that support and believe in the younger generation of farmers, I would never have been as involved as I am. You see, I have a story. And my story is unique to me, and me alone. Just the same as everyone else. But I became involved in Rural Women Rock because I want to connect. And what better place to start, than with those that enjoy the same things I do? Now, this doesn't mean that we are all from the same background, or the same types of areas, or even are involved in agriculture...because, you see, being a rural woman isn't a zip code, or a t-shirt, or a's a way of life, a set of values and a dream. A dream to enjoy wide open spaces, the simple things in life and a slower-paced lifestyle. Throw in modern technology, and you have a community of exceptional women that can answer each others questions, give each other pointers and rely on each other in times of need. A community in the most sincere form of the word.

I write a blog about my farm and my life, called Wag'n Tales ( It started a mere year ago, and I have opened our farm to everyone. We talk about our cows, our fields, our life and our children. Most importantly, I share what we do and hope to answer questions that are out there. Questions such as: How are beef raised? What are cows fed? How are cattle taken care of in the winter months? What is it like when a calf is born? Who takes care of the animals? etc. I also share recipes, pictures and information about health issues. The last one came about because our youngest son has been diagnosed with a rare and life-threatening disorder that limits his diet. It's a complicated issue, but having someone in the house that MUST be a vegan is interesting when you raise beef for a living! Well, that's it in a nut shell. I can't wait to connect to others, share triumphs, tragedies and all things in between.


  1. Hello, Val - so nice to meet you! Thanks for sharing a part of yourself with us here at RWR. I'm really enjoying getting to know all you wonderful ladies through your posts :)