Saturday, October 22, 2011

Social Media Challenge of the Week....Open a twitter account.

 Social Media Challenge of the Week!

Open a twitter account!  
Misconception:  It is only for your cell phone or smart phone.  False. You can use it from your laptop and home computer much like facebook.

I just opened mine a few weeks ago: @Ruralwomenrock and @missduffys

I am becoming my mother. I always knew it would happen someday….

For those of you who don’t know my mother, she is a mother of four, house wife/ Sunday school teacher turned animal agricultural advocate and public speaker for the sake of our family farming and ranching business. Her transformation happened a few years ago, when she realized our livelihood was being threatened by government regulation. The men were too busy working, the children were raised, and this rural woman was right for the job.

         My grandpa introducing my mom to speak.

We need twitter- My mother tweeted something the other day- a little fact about our industry. In less than 1 hour, she received a phone call from Washington. (she may be on a watch list) Twitter is currently changing the speed of change. It’s changing movements and governments. It is changing the speed in which we gather and share information. It’s also a loads of fun and very informative. I encourage each of you to open a twitter account this week. The cities are alive with it, mass corporations have it, our government and media use it, but step out of the city, and we still aren’t sure about it. It is like having a vote- it may soon speak louder. I don’t know what this will mean for us in the future, but we need to be represented. Inform yourselves and share.

Learn something new! I read the Twitter Guide book this week-at least the parts that were relevant to me. Here is the link:

What’s happening next?
Over the next week, we will become a .com. When this happens, we will be moving the blog to a community platform. This should take place rather seamlessly- we hope:)
                      Market Bag Give Away!
What does this mean?
This means the layout of the site will be more community oriented. We will also be able to have two "features" a day, side-by-side simultaneously, while keeping the two most frequent “features” below on the same page. This will give our audience more time to read about our members before they are scrolled off and placed in categories. The organization of our categories will start taking shape, and the overall arrangement of the site should be more user friendly.
In celebration, when our new site goes live, we will be having a “Rural and Proud Market Bag Give Away”! (pictured above) Details coming soon!

Have a great weekend!

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