Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just so you know.....this is where I am.

Just so you know.  This is where I am.

This is my Halloween Window.

Not able to post? I have some women who are not being able to post a comment. Does anyone know what the problem might be? If you are not able to comment, please email me or comment on the Rural Women Rock face book page.

You're in my store now!

So you want to “Guest Post” the Mic is open and will remain open forever, so no hurry.

Keep Going...............


While organizing you ladies for your features, and responding to you all, I’ve had some concerns. I will not press this upon you often, but it needs to be shared up front. Here it is:

First, I think its important for me to say, “ God is deeply embedded in this idea“. There is no room for evil on this platform. I believe the Bible is 100% the truth, the way, and is the living word of God. I believe I am not a judge or jury. This alone belongs to the lord. This platform was created for sharing, connecting, and inspiration. There is no place for condemnation, controversy, or conflict.  This does not mean we can not share our perspectives, and disagree, but I can smell motive from a mile away, if I find you here to make trouble, I will pluck you out like an angry mother and drop you into autonomy. I am not in any way afraid to stand up for what I believe. Even if it is to the detriment of this concept. My beliefs will not take center stage on this platform, nor will I press them on you. But I will defend them if necessary. Can I hear an amen!

You're almost there!

Thank you ladies who have stepped forward to help launch this concept.  I  thought I wanted to begin today,  but I think that's rushing.   I wanted to start with the lady who first spoke the words Rural Women Rock.  After this, we will start hearing from the rest of you ladies.  So far, we have jewelry designers,  fashion advice, Ag perspective, an artist, a mommy blog,  and my mom's blog, and I know it will just grow from here.  Can't wait.  Stay with us!

You're here!   This is where I work.  I wish it were prettier.

The dirty truth, I clean buckets for a living.

What my brain feels like most days.

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  1. Just saw this blog today. I will never qualify to post on this blog and that's ok. I think the opportunity to connect various folks through social media platforms is an awesome one. And love the rural connection here.

    Most of all, I love the "disclosures/honesty" in this post, it is what it is, and since you ask for it, Amen! That paragraph was probably one of the best I have seen at laying our your beliefs and how they influence your decisions on this site.