Friday, October 21, 2011

Macii Mackenzi Artistic Imagery

I have been excited to introduce this next "feature" since our "facelift".   Some of you have been asking who is behind our new look?  Blogging from:

Give a big Rural Women Rock welcome to Carrie of Macii Mackenzie Artistic Imagery.

My name is Carrie …I am an Aquarius who loves family, photography, pepsi, color, all things vintage, and I LOVE to design! I possess an intense desire to document and capture powerful emotions of life through natural light photography. I am based in Central Michigan, and am the photographer for fresh, fun, and spontaneous children and families! I started a handmade online childrens boutique 4 yrs ago, started out by taking my own photos with a digital point and shoot, etc. Taught myself graphic design, and how to build my own successful brand and website. Got a better camera, learned more about photography, got a little more serious about taking photos! Created {Macii Mackenzie Artistic Imagery}. Started using my ability and talent for visual design, and began creating branding and online graphics for others! Closed my full time boutique and started a joint part-time boutique {Babsy N Lola} focusing on pre-made clothing that is ready to ship! I am…

A Memory Seeker….

A Home-Maker, Mother, and Wife…

A Visual Dreamer…

A kids friendly clothing designer and lover of all things handmade…

I am a Rural Woman….with a story to share! “She believed she could so she did.”

Thanks Carrie!!!!


  1. Hello Carrie - so nice to meet you :) Love, love, love your photography and your children's clothing are adorable! Thanks for sharing with us and for creating such lovely art for RWR. Looking forward to learning more about you through your future posts!