Thursday, October 6, 2011

Katie Pinke

Hello Ladies, Today is our first ever “Open Mic”, and the beginning of the never ending “Open Mic”, because that is what we are about here at Rural Women Rock. We are about you and your story. Today’s feature is a bit different. 
I have an untold story with Katie. A book that is opening in the same manner this concept was formed. The first page began a few weeks ago, Katie was one of the speakers who name dropped Rural Women Rock. When I went searching for them, mainly to find a cool tee, I couldn’t find them. Read the BEGINNING for the rest of the story. I couldn’t find them, because they were a secret face book group. As my story was unfolding, they heard about me. At first, I was a bit scared I would have 479 women sharpening their nail files, but to my relief, they extended me an invite. And now they are joining forces with us. We are only a few pages into our story, but wow are we going to have a story to tell, and it is one we will definitely be sharing.  

She Rocks! Blogging from, ,
give her a big Rural Women Rock welcome.........Katie Pinke!


What does Rural Women Rock mean? This is the beginning of connecting and
building a global community of women with a passion for rural. Maybe rural
is in your roots, in your past, in your present, future or just in your
dreams. But different than being a city girl, rural women connect. We don’t
all think the same, look the same and live the same yet we are uniquely
connected because of our passion for rural. Together we can build and grow
from each other. We are stronger as a community.

My passion for rural was instilled in me from the generations of women ahead
of me that have laid a foundation for me to live and love rural family life.

Women in my family such as my Grandma Nola who celebrates her 60th wedding
anniversary today with my grandpa, my Grandma Dorothy who was a generation
ahead of her time, earning her college education as a single mom in the
1940’s and my mom who gave me the confidence and strength to keep going to
get through the rough patches in life. Generations of women have empowered

I once was a frightened teenager with a college scholarship that became a
mother at age 18. All I wanted to do was to run from the life that I knew.
Yet today, 15 years later, I see that it was my rural roots and family that
taught me the strength to accept the things I cannot change, embrace my
circumstances and run with the opportunities given to me.

Today as a working mother of three and a wife trying to juggle family,
marriage and a career while living in rural North Dakota, I have depended on
a community of women I have connected with in social media to be my
inspiration. Together we have formed true friendships and bonds. This group
of women was the foundation of the idea of Rural Women Rock which now is now
becoming an ever expanding community of rural women who are enriching each
other’s lives, broaden perspectives and empowering voices as women.

Thank you to Kasse Duffy for running with the Rural Women Rock concept and
idea.  Kasse’s energy and vision is inspiring. We’re partnering in this
together as very different women, far from one another yet with similar
passions and loves. The future is full of promise for this community of
women. I’ve been saying we might just take over the world. We might. But for
now, I want to get to know you, hear your stories, what makes you tick, your
struggles, joys and connect you to more engaging and empowered women because
Rural Women Rock.


  1. Thank you Kasse! I'm very excited about this community of women who I totally connect with and am inspired by daily.

  2. Fabulous post! What a way to begin Open Mic. Kudos Katie for sharing your story and forming RWR. Kudos Kasse for launching this blog. Can't wait to read, learn and connect here!

  3. ‎"You're an agent for change in a world in desperate need of change: change from competition to cooperation, from war to peace, from powerlessness to empowerment, from conflict to resolution, from prejudice to understanding" (Brown, 2007)(stolen from Judith Alexander's post :-)