Monday, October 31, 2011

Geek Girl Vintage


I love your typical rural woman, but I equally love your non-typical rural women.  As I have said before, I love inclusiveness and diversity.  We are not all wearing our willies or our cowboy boots.  We are all out in this big wide world doing very different things- in some very different ways.  Lets embrace what is different about eachother, but not let what is different divide or define us as women.  Lets learn ladies learn, that the world is fun and interesting if we can just let go a little.  Someday soon I'll tell you about my own "Roots of Diversity", but for today, lets meet

Andrea blogging from Lets give a big Rural Women Rock welcome to Geek Girl Vintage!

Living Rural

I'm not your typical rural woman.

I grew up amidst my grandfather's fields, sitting on his armrest in his combine, learning how to chew wheat until it turned into gum, and riding shotgun in the dump trucks he'd been driving since he could drive. To this day, the smell of rat poison brings me back to those bumpy rides to the elevator.

I grew up playing in the deep ditches of Northwest Ohio looking for quartz and old bottles, walking in the muddy fields with my brother to see how big of a mud "clodhopper" we could get to stick to our shoes, and seeing how many times around the barn we could unravel a cassette tape.

Though, throughout my childhood and adolescence, I felt a hunger for different scenery.

College gave me my first taste of city life. I wouldn't call Bowling Green, Ohio a large city, but it was city enough for me. Food, stores and bars within walking distance. Always somewhere to go and people to was thrilling. For once in my life, I found a place where I fit it. There were other people who dressed like me, thought like me, and believed what I did. It was during this time, I met my husband. He is a musician and we met during one of his gigs at a local bar. After I graduated, we got married and moved to a woods in Central Ohio.

I have the confidence now to enjoy -not- blending in with my surroundings. I love everything rural-living has to offer: friendly neighbors, bonfires, yard work, the scenery my 13 acres of woods provides for photography, and a garage of my very own! Besides, who wants to blend in anyway? Here, I stick out like a sore thumb with my skinny jeans, vintage hats and geek glasses. Maybe even more if I ever teach my cat to walk on a leash.

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Thanks Andrea!  You Rock............


  1. I love DIVERSITY...It's what makes the world go round. Wheat Gum Is the Greatest!

  2. Hello Andrea and welcome! So nice to meet you :) Wonderful post and lovely photos -- looking forward to learning more about you through your future posts and pix!

  3. Wanted to add -- isn't it funny how certain odors can bring back happy childhood memories?! Whenever I get a whiff of developing fluid (not easy to find, anymore), I'm instantly transported to the darkroom my Dad had in our garage. He used to invite me to sit with him while he developed his photos - sweet memories <3