Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Game Plan

Here is my proposal. The concept is a little difficult to explain. First, on a grass roots level, and one at a time, I want to teach rural women to find their voice, through blogging, or twitter. I am going to start right where I am in my small rural community and work out. Teaching and educating and bringing new women to Rural Women Rock. Women will come aboard for many reasons. Some will want to share their brand or products, others their creations or information. Some will be bringing their lifestyles and family life, and others religion or causes. For whatever reason, this sharing will create a synergy. The sharing of ideas and resources will equal energy and inspiration.  

The Game Plan

Why choose to join Rural Women Rock? As women come aboard, I’d like to introduce them to the group via a post. If they want to share or help other women with information, or a "how I did it" story, it will be welcomed.. The posts will then be archived in categories: Mommy Blog, Travel Blog, Farming Blog, etc. New categories will be developed as we need them or as you want them. We will allow the personal features to fall into as many categories as needed. This will be permanent and lasting exposure on the Rural Women Rock platform. I hope it grows into a mass voice or definition of who we are. 

Why RWR Helps You.

For starters, you can never give without getting back more than you put forth. You will be helping and inspiring others. Second, you can promote you, your idea, product, brand, lifestyle, profession, and the list goes on. Not only by being personally featured, but by also being archived for future reference like the yellow pages with more…New Women will find you and connect with you without having to search the net over to find you. Lastly, you will be part of something bigger than you, you will be a living voice and definition for rural women. There are probably more reasons, but this is what I could think of for starters.

How RWR Will Help Other Women.

This will help new women come forward in a variety of ways. First, we are going to inspire them- knock their socks off. They are going to learn from us and gain courage from us. Then when they make the decision to come on board, we are going to welcome them with open arms. They will find their place with us, and immediately have connections. If you just begin a blog on your own, you have to find your audience, and you will, but wouldn‘t it be great to begin with an audience? Of course, you will find readers or followers in other places, and grow beyond the boundaries of Rural Women Rock, but we will be your spring board.

This seems like a big idea having only 16 members, most of them family and friends, but I am passionate about this, and hope you will be inspired to come along with us on the journey. There are many details to work out, and plans to write, but I know this will unfold. If you want to be featured and are a member, e-mail me. If you are inspired, and want help starting a blog or opening a twitter account, e-mail me. If we have to do it via the phone, I can and will.

3 new women are launching their sites…………………………….. Come back and meet them soon!


  1. I love what you're doing with your blog! I'm enjoying each post! I've been blogging for awhile and I'm always amazed at how many talented and smart women are in blogland! I learn something from one of them every day! KUDOS to you! ♥

    1. I am so sad after all this time, I just found your post. I'm learning. Thank you for coming over. I hope you are still out there!

      Kind regards,
      Kasse D.