Saturday, October 15, 2011


Lots of things going on behind the scenes ladies. We are in the process of getting dolled up and fixed up by an exceptionally talented rural woman. You will have the chance to meet her soon, she's not ready just yet.  Have a look at our new face book Welcome page and profile. If you already like us, you will have to unlike, and like us again to see it. (I think)

A header and cuteness is on its way here too! It shouldn’t be long. We are also being transform from within by yet another rural women. Our categories are being built in a much more organized way. We will have an actual face book type interaction built into the blog, and some other fun stuff being built behind the scenes. All this will soon be connected to our very own site:

More than a year ago, I had the chance to meet some wonderful young rural ladies at the Dallas Market Center while doing business for my flower shop.  These girls were making some of the cutest tee's you have ever seen.  I loved them, but didn't have the market for them in my small flower shop.  I scribbled my email on a slip of paper, gave it to them, and went on my way.  They just happened to send me an email yesterday and the rest is history.  They will be designing our very 1st Rural Women Rock Tee's, and we will be featuring them very soon.  I will keep you updated.

A few new blogging women.  I hope you will go visit them.  Some of them may just be a blank page now, but they are off and running.  Who knows where they might go! 

I have some ladies with the desire to blog over at The Plum Crazy Cottage.  I'll be meeting with them soon.  They have offered me lunch at Four Tarts and a Lemon.  Who could turn down an offer like that.  I can promise it won't be boring!

 I have a wedding to do today for a sweet young rural woman in my hometown.  Can't wait!

I'm off to my other life........................................................................................


  1. The new graphic looks great! Having been through my own blog facelift this past week, I can attest the change will be refreshing and energizing!