Monday, October 10, 2011

Becky McCray

We are booking "Features" for November, if you're thinking, "Can I do this?", the answer is, "yes and you should".  Monday-Friday will be "Open Mic" that is you, the ladies of Rural Women Rock, being "featured".  Saturdays, will be for recap, special news, and the introduction of new blogs inspired by you!  Sundays will be for spiritual inspiration.

A quick something to say: I told this to one of you ladies personally, but I’m going to say it over here, There is always going to be someone ahead of you, and loads behind you. Don’t let this get in the way. My skill set in this particular area is not extensive. This idea has evolved over less than two weeks time. I am learning with you. What is important, is what you have to say, and the fact that what you have to say may be exactly what someone needs to hear. You may very well change someone’s life forever. Isn't that exciting!

                                                                          Meet Becky

I wanted Becky McCray to “Guest Post” for us, because she was at the heart of where all this began.  I can’t imagine how one woman can do all the things she does. Although, she lives just a short drive from me, I have never known her. She Co-Hosted the 140 Character Conference, in Hutchison KS, where this concept  Began. I was so excited about the idea Rural Women Rock, I twittered her, and can you believe this busy women replied back. I am humble and grateful, and would have waited for years for her to come aboard, but here she is right from the beginning.    

 Give a big Rural Women Rock Welcome to Becky McCray:

Beck on her farm.


I'm a neighbor of Kasse, less than an hour away in tiny Hopeton, Oklahoma, population 30 or so. I live in a house my grandparents built. My husband and I have a small cattle ranch here, and we own a liquor store in nearby Alva, population 4,900.

Becky with Sheila Scarborough

I also do a lot of work online. Sheila Scarborough and I co-founded TourismCurrents to help tourism professionals learn to use social media. I write Small Biz Survival to help other small businesses prosper. That's actually my mission in life: help small town business people prosper, so they can help their community prosper, too. Why rural?

                                                       Pyramid with nephews Colton and Trevor in the park

 Because I love the cool things about small towns. I recognize our problems, but I see our potential. I like living and working on a human scale.

                                                              Becky with nephew Tim.

And good broadband means I get to live and work where I want, when I want. No limits.

140 Characters Prec-eption: Mary Klabel, Jeff Pulver, Joe Cheray, Becky McCray, and Leslie McLellan.

And I co-host the Small Town 140 Characters Conference, with Jeff Pulver. Together, we help small town people get together with each other, and with a few wonderful urban people, and we create magic as people share their answer to "Why rural?" and "Why online?" And I'm late getting this turned in because I'm working on a book about some of these things, Small Town Rules. It's intended to help urban small businesses and even big brands learn some of the rules you and I were taught all our lives. Be honest. Community matters. Be proud of where you come from. All my personal projects and social networks are here: Small Town 140 Characters Conference --


  1. Thanks for hosting me, and thanks for all you are doing to help more Rural Women Rock!

  2. Wow, incredible work, many thanks to you, love the beer blog. I think it would be great if we could get recycling out here, and maybe our own plant or something, looked into it, need to give money back for bottles and plastic as an incentive like CA or MI, I try to take my recyclables to okc, but through tons away. Thanks again!

  3. Hello, Becky - so nice to meet you! What a busy and productive woman you are -- I think we might all be able to learn something from you about, not only community support, but also prioritizing our time :)

    Looking forward to hearing more from you in future posts, especially regarding support of small/local businesses.