Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Morning #2

If you are just coming over, do go read my first post. It will give you a bit of an idea as to what’s going on here at Rural Women Rock. I wanted to say a quick thanks to the women who have been tossing this phrase around. After talking with @BeckMcCray, I learned of a face book group with the name Rural Women Rock. Sorry ladies, you never came up in a search, and I did put some time into it. I’m a bit “in too deep” to step back now, which would be my normal first response. I do hope you all will join me. This could be fun.  Thanks to some inspiring ladies. @katpinke, @wildheart4vr, @andreacook, @JPlovesCotton, @LeslieMcLellan, @Journeyscript, and one man @jeffpulver.  I think you may have created a monster, or at least I hope so, I was getting a little sick of myself as it was. Today is going to be a busy day at the shop, so I’ll get back with you soon with more details.  Just a photo of some flowers delivered this week.  Loving fall.  My floral style is very wild and earthy.  If you like contemporary design, you will hate my work.


  1. We couldn't be happier! Glad to be going along with you on the back roads!

  2. Love the photo! Nice work. Honored to be included in your list. And I'm very encouraged and inspired by you!