Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hit The Ground Running

So much has happed in one day, I'm having to stop and breath deeply.  As I've said before, I have a rural Oklahoma Flower shop, and that in itself can get a bit hairy.  Rural Women Rock is rolling full steam.  If you are in anyway inspired, do become a member or share ideas.  It may have perks. Today, I am snowed under in my store. 

We are going to have our first guest post today.  I have lots of ideas as how to connect us all, but its on the burner, and duty awaits.  For now, enjoy my sis'.  She Rocks!  Blogging from, give her a big Rural Women Rock welcome.........Lenne Mahan!

For my friends around the world, here is a little slice of NW Oklahoma. If you tune in and listen online 9-10 am Central Time (11-12 Eastern) at you can hear things that will make you smile. Things like:

"Tradio, your on the air"

"Yeah, I have a 1984 Kawasaki motorcycle. I'll take $50 bucks for her. I also have 4 lorikeets and 2 sandbags. I am asking 25 dollars, each."


"Hey. I want to sell a Garrett metal detector. Bought it off TV. Never used. Asking 400. Also I have some engine belts, used. 15 bucks each. And a California Raisin collection - fifty dollars, firm."

It's the underground radio, revolutionizing Oklahoma.

The other day, I heard a man listing some broiler chickens for five bucks a piece. Wrote his number down and gave him a call. Guy said I need to butcher the chickens right when I get home, or they might die on the spot...still thinking about what to do. We have some friends that recently built their own automated chicken plucker, and are having an old fashion chicken butchering Oct 3rd, I'll let you know how it all pans out.

Anyway, hopefully I can get on the air tomorrow. If I do, you will be able to listen to me trying to sell our puppies, some Kiko-Spanish bucklings, and maybe the miniature horse the kids got for Christmas. (Thanks Santa!) This isn't our horse, or our son.

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